Project: Evocation BlackList

He also said he wasn’t taking anyone’s request


Square of The Cyclops

Ok guys, here are the Cyclops.
What I got was very vauge imagery (traditional one eye, tall, muscular, etc)
And a more neutral energy. At one point I picked up on a prankster style vibe from them.

It was odd because they channeled their power and I didn’t feel it until after I said thank you for coming lol.

Anyway, there it is…


Square of The WereWolves

WereWolves! Don’t we just love em? The bloodthirsty little things have a extremely predatory, sinister energy about them and are perfect for hunting and killing your enemies. They can also raise your astral senses to a peak sharpness if you call them. Be aware that these are predatory beings and that by having them around you, you become like them(astrally,energetically). They are great for root chakra work especially if your other chakras are strong, but you are lacking that predator like drive. Also invoking them doing your workout is excellent and will break limits that you run up against (they have high amounts of testosterone which is necessary for muscle growth). Also they make great companions to have around and talk to. Just get used to their bloodthirsty energy lol


Square of The Headless Horsemen/Dullahan

These guys come riding on black horses with fiery eyes. You may see them holding skulls in their hands or human heads that talk. They can help you understand mysteries and secret things that pertain to your ascent. They are tall((5-6 feet )). And have a musty scent about them. But they are very regal till they go on the hunt. They will hunt your enemies down and ensnare them removing their heads(magically speaking, their rationality and ability to think . They have a kind energy about them. Very pleasant.


How do i use that thing?
~Just gazing into it?


Square of The Hellcats

So these hellions are basically cats made of fire. Literally. They look like normal cats made of orange flames with black streaks in them. They are good as protectors and have a solid sense of power. They are here to guide you and drag your enemies to the depths of hell lol. They can be small, but most of them are jaguar sized. They are sentient.


Okay… No nazism…

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Square of The Ceberus

This thing is HUGE! The energy output sent chills up my arms and legs. Use it to overcome your enemies no matter how big or small they are. Ceberus is a Worm that devours anything that stands before it’s mouth. Toss your enemies down there and watch him enjoy his dinner. Haha


Square of the Ghouls

So with the Ghouls, I get the image of a faceless zombie with bat wings that has enough sentience to drain energy. They have minds, but the only instinct is to predatory. They are tall and like blood. They can drain from your enemy and act as a storage battery so you can drain from them. Past that, not much use. Besides terrorizing someone with their looks.


Square of The Wildmen

OK these guys are hunters. Primordial style. Think of them like Charles Darwin and his Neanderthals as that is what they look like. They can empower you sexually as well as they have a VERY erotic energy and power.


Where is the concept of the hell cats from?

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Just just another type of spirit. A lot like Hell hounds.

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Square of The Wendigo

These beings appear as tall, Abominable snowmen like beings. Think of the character Abomination from the Incredible hulk. That is what they look like. They have a… Carnivorous energy. They are man eaters lol. They can eat your enemies magically speaking by devouring their astral form piece by piece. Their energy out put is huge so expect shivers, and chills… Alot of them.


Square of The Nympho

These beings are powerful sprite like spirits that assist in sexual development and consciousness advancement. They can also help with sex magic. They teach how to strengthen the sexual energy and make it more powerful. One sign of their presence is that you start moving like a snake being charmed. They “charm” you, so to speak. They will strengthen the sex energy like lightning… Powerful and hot. Let me say that again… HOT!! They appear, and far as the females are concerned, with skinny figure and breasts of various sizes… Primarily small. The message is that she doesn’t have to have large breasts to be powerful sexually. He doesn’t have to look a certain way to be powerful sexually. It’s about energy, which supplies the looks. That is what chemistry is based on… Energy.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the END of our current project! I appreciate all of you who have stayed with me through this offering encouragement and support throughout the attacks, tiredness, etc and READING the evocations in this thread. I hope it inspires you further in your ascent to do your own project. Be watching for upcoming projects, set to start shortly/soon.

I’m not going to post here what the next project is… But yall are gonna think I’m crazy as hell for attempting it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s just say it has to do with Psychology and the DSM V (or whatever the latest addition is)

Until next time,


Wtf you said Tupac I was waiting for that.
Disappointed but good effort still, thanks your contribution.


You just gave me an idea!


Just do it.


Just as your sith lor- uhm…chancellor commanded it! :upside_down: