I’ve been getting better with my “senses”. I’ve started to experiment with making my own sigils for spirit(s) that I want to connect with. Instead of making the traditional goetia-style sigil, I’ve made them from drawings I’ve made. I still make them “bold” in color as I’ve done with traditional sigils to help it stand out more visually.

I made this sigil for my lady, the picture is how she appeared to me in a dream (although I changed the shape alittle of the head to look like she has hair) and the blue outline represents how her prescence feels to me. I opened it like I would do a traditional sigil and I definitely feel her energy from it. Even when I’m not actively opening it, I still can feel her presence kinda coming from it. So I think it’s worked!

Now I don’t even really have to concentrate to be able to connect, so I’m happy about that :slight_smile: it’s just automatic. But I would also attribute that to the time her and I have taken for bonding.


Congrats on the progress!
Also that image looks fantastic.

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