In relation to soul travel,evocation, and succubus lovers combined i did something yesterday which ended up being something fluid magickal and solidifying.

First: i have a spirit lover (succubus)
Second: i evoked lilith to come and help me with my spirit lover more notable with her name which i received using e.a koettings methods for gathering names and sigils thanks to lady eva i did the simple breathing meditation e.a shows in his video for interjecting magick into your life i believe the title of the video is “simple meditation to inject magick into your life” i fell into the theta gamma sync and felt and saw my succubus besides me i leaned my head towards her as a gesture of love. Minor and small i know but i did see her as if someone was sitting right next to me felt her heard her right next to me . and AND TO NOTE: This is not my first soul travel i first soul traveled when i was about 7 saw some crazy shit
Moving on: i came to its an hour later im back in this illusion of a world we live in and i shake it off

CONCLUSION::: I got my own validation from lilith and the gods and especially my spirit lover. I know what works for me and i start from there. Heres a tip. It comes naturally to me soul travel does i just havent gone further beyond the astral yet and i know it.

@succupedia @Lady_Eva you guys may want to read this i thank you both. You both lead me to just what i needed


Just keep doing what you do. Like a boss:

Just dig deeper. Peel the layers, and you “ride the bull” like a stroll in the park. :wink:

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