Progress on my astral projection...of sorts

Alright, bare with me.I’m a neophyte.An aspiring magician.And I’m heavily interested in astral projection.I’v done my fair share of learning and currently practicing.And it is taking quite some time.I’m currently on my 11th try.From what I learned,people get into a state of vibrations before they astraly project.I’ve been on this state of vibration on my 9th and 10th times.I feel it to the point I’m pulsating with energy.But still I can’t seem to project.When I’m on my relaxation state I constantly say to myself to get out of the body.Am I doing things right?If conscious transfer is my problem then how do I do it?I’m counting on this splendid community for a practical answer.

Have you decided what you’re gonna do once you’re actually out of your body? It might help to have some goals. Otherwise, you might just freak out from excitement and snap right back in your body.

1.Don’t think too hard about it.
2.Keep practicing.
3.Drugs help.

When you get to the vibrations, you have to stand up. That’s how you separate.