Progress in Astral Projection?

So I have been trying to achieve my first astral projection. I’ve been practicing getting into a meditative state at will at night and have gotten that down, I have also been praticing the “wake up back to bed technique”. I get up by myself at either 4 or 6 every night and go back to sleep while trying to stay up, I usually fall asleep but this time I got up and stayed up for a little bit just in bed. I went back down and tried to stay still and meditate. My problem with staying still is my ADHD I really tried but I moved and decided to give up. I rolled to my side and just relaxed. Later on I woke up again but my eyes were closed, but I was completely aware, my whole body was vibrating and there was this awfully loud ringing in my ears. And I thought to myself, could this be it? I tried visualizing myself doing the rope techinique out of my body but was unsuccessful due to my lack of being able to visualize and due to falling back asleep. Am I correct in saying this was a stage in astral projection, and are there any tips any of you could give me? I would very much appreciate it.

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Yes you were about to project yourself out of the body. You can let the vibration take over, just let go of trying to control it. You will pop out of your body.

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My recommendation is just try to move a small truck that might help is when your laying there starting to get your spirit out of your body leaning out of it try to see the opposite direction look at your pillow it might be easier to turn around like that and change point of view then it is to further move out of body the change in point of view is substantial. When I picture my body being somewhere lse and am able to get my point of view to switch it doesn’t seam to open my aight to clearity the same as when I just focused and moved my spirit and all of a sudden I was out and able to hear the mental chatter of the people around me if there talking with there minds you will hear them. A small tip for helping getting your spirit ready to exit body is when awake picture your arm leaving your physical and going the opposite direction in your mind when you close your eyes out should be able to see both your physical and spiritual arms outline or there colored in partially the more your able to get your whole spirit to move outside the body the more it’ll be kit up, another idea is simple when you sit on the couch or lay in the grass picture yourself falling into it your body inside of the grass or the couch it’s really enjoyable doing it in the grass especially if your head is just resting on concrete you’ll feel like your head is up on a pillow because your spirit sinks a few inches into the grass when in reality it’s resting about the same.

I use the rope technique too!