Profil picture vs random picture

Is there a higher chance for success in cursing or hexing a person if the person actually have his face shown in the profile picture?

Hopefully, you aren’t planning on cursing anyone here, as this is against the site rules…But yeah if you know what a person looks like, it could make a baneful working go more smoothly


Never. My interest in baneful magick is only to learn how to defend myself.

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Fair enough…although, I don’t believe not having a profile picture of yourself really is enough to protect a person from having a baneful working thrown at them over the internet


I was thinking the same because your text and your profile picture you choose to make have your energy and therefore the link.

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If I can’t sense the person’s signature for a working from their username, there are ways around this. If I’m going after someone and don’t have a picture (and even if I do), I verify the signature with a Deity I trust. If they say it isn’t correct, I ask them for the signature and do the working against that instead.

Let’s just say that someone’s neighbor’s eldest son did something that needs paid back, but they don’t know their name. Very well. Game on.

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