Profane seals

Anyone use any of the sigils from the book profane seals by somnus dreadwood? What methods did you use and was it successful? First time trying for me and I’m not sure which method is best to use.

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All I know is that the Seals work despite the controversy.

what are thoses? which controversy? :slight_smile:

Somnus dreadwood published a book full of chaos magick he created without stating it.

So people thought they were summoning already ancient spirits when really he made them up.

However, it’s chaos magick so it still works and surprisingly really well.


great! i am buying it right away :slight_smile:

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The spirits he created or should I say Gods are surprisingly Powerful and all have quite unique powers and personalities
It’s amazing what we are all capable of doing…

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so for you it’s definitly working?


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Good to know but how did you activate them. I’m reading but this would be my first time ever doing something like this. Basically how did you set up for the activation? Do I need anything. Stuffc like that

Sigil’s can be activated in a fuck ton of ways.

1.Glancing at the sigil basically looking at it without staring or straining your eyes
just try not to blink make sure the whole sigil is in your field of vision but close enough where your able to see every detail you will begin to see the lines of the sigil or shapes fade in and out or you might see a glow around the sigil in white or other colors.
2.Fire energy at it basically hover your right arm over the sigil and push energy into it if your having trouble doing that activate your hand chakras (rub your hand until they are warm and put your hands together but create a gap between them like if your gonna high five your self then move your hands closer together and further apart slowly until you feel something like a strong heat or a magnetic sensation then just put your hand over the sigil for about a minute)
3. Cum on it (yup that works) or your blood but since sexual fluids are about 50x more potent than blood try that before cutting your self (If it’s a spirits sigil then don’t that’s like your cumming on its face)

Let me know which method works :ok_hand:

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Right I’m gonna try it tonight

Which of the sigils did you try?

I think I did it right