Problems these months

Hi everyone, I’ve noticed a lot of people with problems lately on the forum and I must be honest I had and still have my own shit to lately.

Is it just this year (time), ascending, testing?

I’m not complaining because when I hear my friends on the forum than I’m fine. But I do get a lot of bad luck, nothing seems to work smoothly these days.

I think I’m going through a phase. But after a passing away(family) and a break up (relation), I really had enough.


But I do want to give one statement on this. With all the shit raining down. I will not give up. Never, ever. I advise people to do the same and come back even harder and softer for the ones you love and care for :grinning:.


There seems to be a common theme happening lately. I think when you’re ascending it can become addicting and it’s wonderful. Then when the hard times come, instead of looking at them as opportunities to ascend further, we lose faith. Stay strong, it’s part of the journey.


Yes @AradiaX, between these moments I really did have very good workings, powerful moments. So they keep me on track. It’s like I’m forced to break free and I don’t always want to.

Thank you for your nice words!


You got this hun! Look at all the progress you’ve made and it wasn’t easy but you did it. This is the next step!


Ascent is just like life: It comes with peaks and dips, destruction and reconstruction. When one goal of the ascent is done, something else will break to be built up anew. The days of the past, whether it’s the way of thinking, behaviors, life styles and habits, is often a reason of limitation towards ascent.

I think what’s important are THE PRESENT, right here, right now. And every step of the present, leads towards the future and our personal goal, whatever that may be.


“Such transformation
does not make us unworldly. In no way does it
estrange us from our daily responsibilities. This path
teaches us that the most trivial tasks we have to carry out
and the most trivial experiences that come our way are
woven together with great cosmic beings and world
events. Once this interconnection becomes clear to us in
our moments of contemplation, we will enter our daily
round of activities with new and increased strength, because
now we know that all our work and all our suffering
are work and suffering for the sake of a great, spiritual,
cosmic interrelationship. Thus meditation produces not
indifference but strength for life.” - Pg 35 Knowing higher worlds


Thank you Succupedia. Some changes are hard to make, we would like to keep it by the old, the easy. But that doesn’t get us any further.


When you were growing up did you get growing pains in your legs? Spiritual growing pains can be a lot worse. It’s worth it. I hate when I hit those rough patches but when they’re over I’m more powerful and a lot more wise. Don’t give up. It’s ok to take time off but don’t give up.


Thanks for the nice words @mojosalad

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Thanks @J.A.Ragnarson, you always have a good timing :slight_smile:

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