Problem with Compendium of Beelzebub

Just got my copy of the Beelzebub Compendium in the mail. After months of salivating over this new grimoire, I flip to page 41. No sigils. Where are the sigils for Beelzebub’ s three Nethers? I’ve been waiting for these sigils for months. I payed 120 bucks for the book including shipping and the sigils of these three generals are not included? Come on, Eric! You are slipping!

Does anyone have the sigils for Baht Rachor, Balam Tehor, and Zal’at Saphon?

Does anyone know why they are not included?

I feel slighted. The main reason for buying this book was to work with these three commanders.

I know there are several ways to work around this issue. I know how to do so. But not everyone does. This could present a major problem for some practitioners.

To be brutally honest, if I had known I wouldn’t even get the sigils for my 120 bucks I would have saved my money. I would have waited for the book to come out on Amazon Kindle. I would have taken the names of the three from the advertisement emails, and called them up the old fashioned way as I have so many times before.

If the contributions from Asenath Mason, Bill Duvendack and the other authors did not completely eclipse those of E.A. Koetting in this grimoire, I would initially would have thrown this excellent book in the trash in a fit of admittedly butthurt rage.

Normally E.A. has some of the most palatable and easily accessible contributions in these compendiums. Maybe he is just going through some stuff but this time around I don’t feel as engaged by his work. The one thing that captivated me most was glossed over.

The rest of the book is undeniable quality. I mean no disrespect to any of the authors, E.A. included. That being said, I can’t help but feel that E.A. Koetting is witholding practical information while waxing poetically about his personal life. I don’t care about his personal life. I don’t worship the dude. I take what works for me and I run with it. I care about the Magick! I care about the Left Hand Path!

Eric, if you are reading this, please release the sigils of Beelzebub’s finest. Shoot me an email or maybe drop a 2 minute YouTube vid. Loyal customers such as myself who have been buying everything from grimoires to circles to amulets will thank you. I have put thousands of dollars into supporting BALG over the past decade and vehemently defended you at every turn because I believe in you and your cause. Do the ride-or-die customers a solid and drop the sigils.

Power, Individuality and Freedom for All!



From what I saw in the book’s description, it looks like there is a description page for each of them!
Pages 42, 43 and 44

I think this may be more of something to email BALG about via their help desk. EA actually does not have an account here, although he does look at the forum from my understanding. While this website is associated with Become A Living God business, your request seems more inclined to more of the actual business directly, not necessarily the social that takes place here on the forum. Here is a link to the Help Desk.


We can’t really help here if there’s an error with the book, as @Dralukmun says above please contact the helpfesk on that link, they sometimes take up to 48 hours to reply but they will be in contact with you about this.

If anyone else has this book can they confirm briefly whether their copy has the sigils in?


I personally have read up to Lucifuge at this point in time. They are great starting points for those who have not worked with these demons in the past and I have found the rituals to be great inspiration for further experiments.

I consider them to be that taste to excite the hunger to dive deep into the current that flows amongst them, as well as great approaches to power by those who have worked with these beings. Honestly, one thing BALG is great with is getting multiple magicians to work together on projects that not many have done, if any.


Let’s try and rule out whether the sigils are supposed to be there, and whether @Asa_Charles just has a faulty copy.


He paid for something that, according to him, was supposed to be there and is not, it is a mundane market issue.

I have been walking the Left Hand Path for almost 10 years. I have been working with Beelzebub for three years before this book was even announced. I entered a pact of possession with Beelzebub two years before this book was announced.

I have also entered pacts of possession with the three Nethers. I did so the old way, without sigils.

The point is that even if I know how to make substantial contact without a sigil, others may not! Imagine being a newcomer who bought the book because of Eric’s contribution, and you get no sigils. This is problematic to say the least.

Did you read my post entirely? Did you even buy a copy of the book?

If you did actually buy the book, does yours contain the sigils of Baht Rachor, Balam Tehor and Zal’at Saphon?

The fact that they are not included puts a considerable obstacle in the path for those members of our community who are in their first few years of practice. You might not care because you know a way around it. I know three. That does not matter because they need more than a name and a description.

I believe if your goal is to teach someone you should give them the tools they need to succeed. Not every one learns the same way. Basics (like sigil Magick) need to proceed more advanced applications (like blank invocations bases off of a name).

If they pay 120 bucks for a book, they deserve every form of accomodation possible.

If we want the Left Hand Path to be palatable to newcomers (aka if we want the Left Hand Path to GROW), WE NEED TO CONSIDER THESE THINGS. That is all that I am saying.

Censor me if you want. Your actions speak louder than words.


@Asa_Charles No-one is “censoring” you but why have you not contacted the helpdesk, and why are you repeating the same text over and over?


Weird that no one answers this? The thread has been viewed over 200 times.

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Yeah but a lot of people won’t own the compendium yet.
It’s too expensive in my eyes. I’m only after a simple version of it in ebook format.

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