Problem: gazing but contact lens getting dry

Hi, I am new to here. I am really happy to read all info about B.Magick. At least it proves I wasn’t crazy (but…I still have to keep silent). So this week I decided to start practicing seriously. I think I just need to find out the truth by myself…But I have several problems and some old concepts in my mind that I do need your advice.

  1. I wear contact lens, so my eyes getting dry quickly while gazing sigil. any solution?

  2. Do I have to elect planetary hours for any evocation? If no, why?

  3. In Golden Dwan ritual, Archangel Raphael guards east, Michael guards south, Gabriels guard west, Uriel guards north, but according to “Three Books of Occult Philosophy”(Henry Cornelius Agrippa), Michael guards east, Raphael guards west, Gabriel guards north and Uriel guards south.

It completely confuse me. But more confused is that according to there are four archangel stars. Michael( Aldebaran) is watcher of east, Gabriel (Fomalhaut) Watcher of the South; Raphael (Regulus) Watcher of the North; Uriel (Antares) Watcher of the West. So does any one knows which is correct?

Thank you in advance.

Well my advice would be don’t strain to keep your eyes from blinking - just blink as you would normally. Scratch when you’re itchy as well, trying to block these things out usually does more harm than good because you’re creating a conflict between body and mind that undermines your power.

There’s a time and place to learn to ignore or otherwise deal with signals like that but using sigils in this way doesn’t require it.

That’s how I was taught to do stuff anyway, because an unscratched itch or dry eyes are far more distracting than the minute amount of time it would take to deal with them. :slight_smile:

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What Lady Eva said. Also have you ever found your self looking nowhere with your eyes wide open and your friends telling you’‘This is earth calling Shibata’'
This is the feeling of stillness-emptiness of the mind.If you can remember how it looked like you’ll find that the eyes remained wide open without any effort or muscle strain.
Gazing at something is letting your eyes to rest upon it…If you find that your eyes are watering,it means that you’re just looking with tension.

Desire’s also a thing - compare how you feel staring a hot person of the sex you find most sexy, compared to this:

That image may have the secrets to the universe locked in it, but it’s boring, and my eyes will wander away…

I don’t know what you find attractive, fascinating, eye-candilicious, but for me that kind of abstract can’t compare to how easily I could gaze at this:

It’s all about desire…