Pro Bono exorcism anyone?

Hello guys,

I’m looking for volunteers on a job im about to take on,

Concerning my lil brother who reported to me that he’s been victim of a vampiric/demonic attack in the past few years, on a on and off basis.

He states that the attacks are very physical, feeling somebody on top of him, paralizing him for sometimes hrs. bitting his neck, and other parts of his body,

Last night, as he was telling me this, we started linking the dots, to verify what or who might be causing this, and we realize that it might be my mother’s next door neighber, And here’s why we think that.

This girl (My neighber) has been under demonic/supernatural attacks her entire life, i grew up as a kid, hearing her scream in diferent voices when she was possesed, seeing her mother (very humble, and cristian) struggling with her in this states, chanting christian songs out loud, to defend herself her daugthers attacks while she is possesed, getting to a point in which she has broken her mothers arm and beat her down several times, adding to that supernatural stories and experiences of ALL my family members(including me, i’d say 90% of my childhood supernatural experiences happened around this girl or her house.) and neighbers concerning this girl.

The whole world has seemed to labeled this girl as ‘‘Crazy’’, ignoring her completely, me and my family included, since my family is the only one who at least opens the door for her and feeds her from time to time,

Well long story short,

My lil brother told me that he belives all this started after one night, that my other brother, a friend of ours and him went home in the AM, and she rushed in the door desperate, and told my brother this exacts words:

‘‘If everybody knows i am crazy, why don’t they take me somewhere they could help me, if anybody knows im cursed why don’t they take me to someone who can help me out of this?’’

My brothers just ignored this as always, i dont blame them, thats how they’ve been told to treat her…

After this happened she got very angry at my brother, and he belives she or the demon(s) haunting her are the same cause of his attacks.

Now this is the first time am about to jump into a job like this, never even performed anything close to an exorcism before, and the spirits this girl has been dealing with, they have been feeding off her for over 20 years now, and i know how violent things can get, due to my expenrience watching her as a kid.

So my plan is to have a divination done on this, to verify the roots of this problem, i have never been good at this so i might need assistance from somebody, in the meantime i’ll cast a protection spell on my brother to the best of my abilities, and then i’ll proceed to exorcise the girl, and if needed my brother too.

PD: ive heared her screaming out names of saints and petro spirits, so im pretty sure we gonna be dealing with some spirits from voudou.

If anybody is up for the ride and wants to volunteer on this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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I can help, and I will help. It’s times like this that we need to work together. I’m particularly skilled at divination, I’ll PM you for more information.


If these are actually loa that your going against, unless one of you actually has some experience with vodoo your probably going to get your asses kicked.

Yes, i know what represents if theres a LOA involved here, but i gotta go with it regardless, my brother has no other way of protecting himself from this, than me.

I will consult local voudou experts and request their help, depending on how the divination goes.

If the divination says your going to be screwed trying to fight it send me a pm about it

I’m asking for help please I’ve been everywhere none can figure out what I’m going through

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