Private consultation with N.D Blackwood

Greetings everyone

Draugadróttin have sold pretty well, all clothes editions have been gone, 10 days after the release of the book. Few leather edditions are still avaible, and I must say that I’m really impressed with the enthousiasm that my publication received among the occult community.

I received a lot of messages and emails from persons asking me question about vampirism and the Undeads. I take time to read each of them.Some by very motivated people who really wants to get involved into this and ask me to teach them.

After taking a time to consider this, I decided to open myself for consultation about anything related to the book. Off course, I will stay on the board and discuss with you everything related to the book, but for those who want to get into a coaching relationship, I will be at your disposal to help you get the results you want to attain.