Priorites in Ascension

It seems a common theme in magickal ascent is being broken down to build yourself back up again in some way. I’d like to hear how many of you approach this who have other responsibilities in life? If you have children, family, loved ones… how do they fit into your ascension? Everything that happens to you may affect them as well. Even some sociopaths can have strong loyalties.

Do you put your ascent before everything else, including your children and/or spouse/loved ones? Are you willing to allow your life to be shaken to the core, even possibly becoming destitute at some point, if it meant bringing your loved ones with you on the journey?

How far are you willing to go to ascend?

It gets hard sometimes but just exercise common sense, understand this is a phase and things will get back to normal or you will create a new normal from where you’ve built yourself back up.

The hardest thing for me was when I got to the point where I could not identify with anyone. The only person who I was able to tolerate was my fiancé’s youngest daughter. She kept me sane and helped me remember to be patient and loving and that my attitude does affect them.

Sometimes I may get an “OH SHIT” moment when shit gets weird in the house like stuff falling over or breaking for no reason or the kids tell me the house is haunted or they saw a ghost. I have to try and keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. I’ve only had to “clean house” twice so Indon’t consider that too bad for practicing pretty steadily for almost four years now.

Belial shook up everything in my life. The result, I ended my employment with a company that I hated working for. There was a point where my wife and I were having a lot of fights, divorce was a real possibility. I had to seriously sit down and ponder life. I had to face myself and realize that I really did love this woman and that I would go fist to cuff with any Demon in order to keep her.

Belial liked it, I think because I had to show a lot of strength and he likes stuff like that. He made me really look at what I TRULY wanted out of life. That is part of your ascension, finding out what you really want to keep and what you don’t.

Do you keep your work space in the same dwelling that you and your family lives in? I know E.A. suggests not doing this, but for many there may not be any other option. Bumps in the night wouldn’t bother me, but other manifestations could prove to be detrimental.

I figure since I am the one pulling the astral energy into and around myself it doesn’t really matter. I have done rituals both in and out if my appartment.

Completely concur with Orismen and TWF- Belial will definitely make tangible and fast paced change a reality, and I persinally consider the fact that regardless of personal relationship, I value my own godhood above all else because though it moat definitely burns, the reality is that sooner or later such attatchements will hinder you. All that is great is built upon sorrow.

True powerful words. I think I need to meditate on this.

I don’t know that you gotta be all sorrowful when it comes to greatness. I mean, we do have societies that were built on sorrow that were huge and “powerful”, but I wouldn’t really consider much about history to be that great. Humans got a history of doing too much shit without even thinking beyond a few levels of cognition, so I wouldn’t use our current history as an example of what greatness entails.

At any rate, it is up to you what choices you gotta make, and none of them have to feel bad unless you end up feeling bad about them. I honestly don’t know why you would try to raise kids as a magician if you were not enthusiastic about introducing and having your kids use magic themselves, but that’s just me. Proximity is also just a matter of human orientation, so if you are to practice somewhere else, it will only matter if you feel that “farness” will keep the energy locked somewhere else.

My younger brother does his work in another room, and yet when he sleeps in our room, the shit follows him. Does it bother me though? Nope, not one bit. I got sexual energetic entity with me that does shit every night with me, and yet my brother, even after a year and a half, has never once to ever have her meet him in the night trying to play with his junk or his chakric body. If it did, though, neither he nor I would care, so it really is up to you and how you feel. If you think magic is dangerous for your kids… I’m not quite it’s the smartest thing to do if you feel it’s that dangerous

I think it is more like. All personal greatness comes from sorrow. I was listening to an interview of Immortal Technique and he said something along the lines of his victory’s are build on top of his sacrifices. I look at myself and there are a few things that I have sacrificed to have the life that I have now and every once and a while I look back and think “Was it really worth it” I give up some pleasures, and in turn face sorrow, to have what I want.

Some interesting perspectives. Thanks for sharing.

I would sacrifice much for ascent and have. You will find that the things you end up sacrificing were the thing in your life that were holding you back to begin with. In the beginning it seemed like I would lose everything for ascent, after the dust settled I ended up with more than I ever thought I would have. Now that my empire is complete, ascent is my main goal; all the while being a husband and raising 3 kids.

Very true Andreeje, what good is an empire with no one to share it with?

Very true, and you may push your family to the point of loss at first, but the end result is much better. I lost my 2 kids’ mom in the process (but ended up with my kids), but gained an even better woman and her son and my house plus her two properties in the end. Now I have deeper questions… Hence ascent. I make a shit ton of money and have all I need (at least to my hillbillie mountain standards) ; now I want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, so to speak.

Ever since I gave up the ciggies 7 years ago I have been deconstructing my self by eliminating all bad habits, fears, phobias etc that prey on us. I have done this mostly by hypnosis and self reflection and whilst not by any means perfect, a new calmer, resilient, focused individual has emerged. Strangely enough this didn’t require too much time on a daily basis.

To build my empire I need to start with strong foundations; brick by brick, joist by joist, nail by nail, come wind, rain, hail or sun. Soon my tower will reach the clouds - not through hope but through intention and pure will. It is inevitable that is my destiny…

Not having any kids and a wife with her own interests. At the moment, I can devote 20 mins in the morning and hour or so each evening mainly doing the OAA lessons.

But empires cannot be built on this, there will come a time when we reach the crossroads and what do we do then? Do we accept mediocrity and compromise thus sinking into obscurity forever bemoaning that “we could have been a contender” or do we stick our two fingers up at society and “let the devil take the hindmost”?

Interesting times indeed…

Your saying that acknowledges some external force having mastery over you which can slap you about and teach you “hard lessons” - this is an area I’m addressing for myself right now, the conditioned part of me that’s almost always looking for masters, be they real entities (“spirit guides” & “gods”) or concepts, such as “karma” “dharma” (beyiond attainment of divinity) and things being “natural” or “unnatural” and so on.

I’m not sure accepting and even welcoming such mastery (by looking for it and expecting it) is helpful to your aims, I only know it’s something I’m actively working against right now in myself.

I don’t have an answer to your question, I’m just posting to share with you how I see it.