Prince Seere offering

Hello members.,

I hope you all are doing alright.
I need some suggestions on what I can offer Prince Seere apart from water and cedar.
I have been working with him for a while now but I haven’t really had any communication with him yet. I really want to offer some food is possible.
Anyone with any ideas on his likings …please do share.


If you use the search function, I found quite a few posts about making offerings to this being, and if you read through them, you might find something that answers this.

Sorry I don’t generally make offerings to spirits, so I can’t give you any ideas outside of that

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Yes I have checked most of this. People mostly offer him candles and stuff. I’m looking for something more in the food or drink department. Thanks for the response :blush:

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You can’t go wrong with the usual offering of red wine. It seems to be an almost traditional offering for various spirits.


Sounds right. Thanks!

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I agree with DK. If you feel like it you can add one of the richest chocolate as well. Again you don’t have to but only if you feel like it.