Prince Seere offering

Hello members.,

I hope you all are doing alright.
I need some suggestions on what I can offer Prince Seere apart from water and cedar.
I have been working with him for a while now but I haven’t really had any communication with him yet. I really want to offer some food is possible.
Anyone with any ideas on his likings …please do share.


If you use the search function, I found quite a few posts about making offerings to this being, and if you read through them, you might find something that answers this.

Sorry I don’t generally make offerings to spirits, so I can’t give you any ideas outside of that

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Yes I have checked most of this. People mostly offer him candles and stuff. I’m looking for something more in the food or drink department. Thanks for the response :blush:

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You can’t go wrong with the usual offering of red wine. It seems to be an almost traditional offering for various spirits.


Sounds right. Thanks!

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I agree with DK. If you feel like it you can add one of the richest chocolate as well. Again you don’t have to but only if you feel like it.

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The offerings - say, a glass of wine, ice water or slice of cake… How long do we let those stay? What do we do with them after? Can we eat or drink them or throw them out.

Sometimes, even when I’m not petitioning something, I feel compelled to light a candle and give some offerings to acknowledge their help and to say thank you.

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Generally, they are left on an altar or table for about 24 hours, and then are disposed of through the elements with a prayer of thanks. Libations are traditionally poured out upon the earth and food stuffs are either buried, burned, or cast into flowing water.

However, in modern times, the offerings can simply be thrown into the trash, or even flushed. Once the spirit has taken their essence, they are no longer needed.

Eating and drinking offerings should only be done with the permission of the spirit. In some traditions, for example, it is common for offerings to be shared. However, if food or drink is left out specifically for a spirit, if eaten afterwards, it tends to be stale or even tasteless as the spirit has drawn out its vital essence.

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Thank you! Very helpful!

Sometimes it’s okay to sit down and eat/drink with them, right? With two sets of food/drinks, one of each of us.

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Yep, perfectly okay to share :slight_smile:

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