Priesthoods of Spirits

Hey E.A.,

After chipping in with a friend, I have been able to watch your Mastering Evocation Course program and I have a few questions about attaining the Priesthood of a spirit so that I can use a spirit’s power without evocation. How long does the Priesthood of a spirit last (hopefully for life)? Can I be giving the Priesthood of more then one spirit without conflicting between any spirit? An example would be obtaining the Priesthoods of Lucifer and Michael. This would be amazing if it is possible. Or even spirits that would work well with each other like Ares and Aphrodite as both of these spirits have the power of the passions of Hatred and Love.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Koetting never posts anymore.

It’s often possible to have an ongoing connection with a spirit after doing initial evocations, to the extent that they will hear you when you call to them - there’s a thread about that kind of thing here:

But, having not done the course I’m not sure if that’s exactly the same thing, just thought it might be useful to mention. :slight_smile:

I suppose this is all about estabilishing a connection to the spirit so you can invoke its powers, right?

Basically, yes. That is correct.