Pressure between shoulder blades

I have been getting this feeling of pressure on my spine between my shoulder blades roughly where my heart sits. Any ideas? Obviously heart at front, pressure at back

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Do you have any emotional issues that you need to ‘get off your back’?

That was the first thing that came to my mind…

Otherwise I found these articles that might shed some light on the back sides of the chakras:

It’s not a lot of in-depth information but at least it’s a starting point…

Or (and I hope this isn’t the case) maybe it’s a premonition of someone around you doing something to betray you… Although I doubt it as that would probably feel more like a sharp, stabbing pain (i.e. literally being ‘stabbed in the back’) but you never know…

Maybe do a chakra clearing exercise and throw up some extra protection wards just to be safe.



I get that when someone is attacking me and sucking the life out of me. That was why I started Vamping. dammit I am having sympathy pains now… That fucker is attacking you.

Or it might just be a side effect of using binaurals to open my third eye? I have been getting some pretty strong feelings during evocation the last couple of days. I get the feeling there may have been a block of some sort there and one of the entities has been pushing on it to clear it.

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Could be I had body work done a few years ago and the therapist kept calling me another name even when I corrected him. the moment he pulled this entity out of me he called me by my name. I told him the next visit that it was a dead aunt that attached herself to me.

Been using binaurals forever. Shouldn’t cause that problem.