President Ose?

Have any of you had some experience with Ose? I can’t find much informations about him anywhere, I don’t know why. Ive seen couple of people talk about him and they said that hes kind of sinister/not pleasant energy or that he scared them…I know that people will say that we all have different experiences with demons but the thing is that I haven’t heard any good with him, so I am asking if anyone here had experience with him or knows anything about him? It would help a lot.


Yeah, I had a couple scary encounters with OSE. First I had a dream of a black cobra coming from the ceiling, where I chopped its head off. Then, the first time I tried to evoke OSE, I saw a black shadow serpent moving on the ceiling.
Now, when I evoke OSE, I just get the normal manifestations showing up in the aluminum foil, once I got a reptiled faced creature with black holes for eyes, and the other time while doing some baneful work, I go a two headed snake.

Ose isn’t really “unpleasant” per se, I mean, there is this thing about moving about on the astral, the 99 layers (or levels) in the “tower.”

If you feel called to work with Ose, I would say go right ahead and do it. Don’t let fear rule you.