President Marbas reading materials?

Hey all; my partner (who is officially my monogamous partner now, has been for a while :heart:) wants to learn more about my practice and my patron demon, Marbas. We’re both delving back into the occult and want to properly expand our knowledge. He’s coming at it from a mostly-Buddhist lens, and I’m coming at it from some blend of Buddhism and demonolatry. I used to be exclusively in demonolatry.

Does anyone know good reading materials with quality information on Marbas? That could be books, articles, long posts here or elsewhere that are well-written, etc. Anything that can help him (and me!) learn more would be appreciated!


Luciferian Goetia, Illustrated Goetia, Demons of Magic.
The first two offer different views on natures of office/powers, the latter is a modern evocation system.

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Just a quick bump in case anyone else has suggestions? Looking for stuff specific to Marbas. ^;…;^