My name is samuel
My favorite place that i find mistic and with energy is the pyramids of egypt
I start interesting myself about magic and ocult isoteric religions in 2007
When i first start studying mr crowley and thelema
With thelema i learn and read the book of the law “liber al vel legis”
And questioning about my past religion the cristianism so i read the pentatacul the bible the coran and the tora after i start training méditation
Cleaning spells for cleaning myself and Seek information about human psichic so i start reading Carl gustav jung
This Was between 2007 and 2014

In 2016 i start reading about goetia and the higher and lesser key of Salomon but only in theory contempt
And in my pass mr crowley talk about it
When i was learning about demonology
In2018 i discover that i had strong magnétisme within myself and open me something scary in the begining
It Was like a portal that opens that conects you with all energy is hard to explain in words is touchable i can feel it and make others feel and teach to others how to open it this energy within them.
This year in 2019 i was sleeping and this name came to me in a dream this tree with violet leafs and white wood in the senter of a black soil like oil petrol
This beeing sais his name is Eligos and i became the tree

So i search for this name and i found who was it and i tried to sumon eligos
I choose chant the enn i draw his sigil and i cut a lit bit my hand droping a litle blood of myself in the sigil after that i open the portal to let him enter in me with the magnetic energy ball between my hands

I felt strong confident
After for thank him and ofer him loyalty for life i tattoo his sigil on my left shoulder and in the right shoulder Bael sigil

My question is how i can have a more stronger and direct invocation and contact with Eligos and bael

I hope i can be accept in this forum
I need your help

Best regards Samuel Pereira


Welcome to the Forum, Samuel.

How are your meditations?
Are you able to think not?

I am interested, too in improving my invocations.

Welcome :blush:

Yes i do a lot of méditation
For invocation i do a magnestism portal between my hands chanting the enn of my masters Eligos and Bael

  1. For start i put my hands paralelo tô eachother with a space of 20/30cm
    After i close my eyes and i start imagin
    An energy light ball between till start the metaphisic energy vibrations

  2. When it gets solid and strong i focus only in this energy
    You will feel it like the reverse of two magnétic imans and your hands will separate more and because the energy is groWîng

  3. The most important step is now when you start to call the entity and ask him by the portal to let him enter in you and teaching you as your master.

4 drawing his sigil and drop your blood on it is very important as gift of you loyalty

  1. For finich i chant the enn of Eligos for 2h and dialog with him
    Fearless i become and test in dream he do help me get stronger and beat my fears

For thank them and prove my loyalty i made two tattoo in heach soulder with their sigil EligoS and Bael

I would love soo much to meet you guys

I thought i Was alone practecing magic and goetia
I have an important question

I cant enter in any shearch or other temples muslim or juish im atacted by something that makes me feel dizy
And two Times i got out after 5 mins inside because i wanted to puque and almost most my sences

Something is not god inside of those places
I feel toxic and submission energy