Preparing for my first major possession

and i have a question:

is it desirable to be possessed by multiple spirits simultaneously? or should i stick to one at a time?

when i do magick i often find there to be a pileop of spirits i want to work with, many of them do similar things. i am looking to begin doing convocations to get around that. but first, i have to invoke. and again, the pileup is becoming an issue.

would it serve me well to be possessed by a bunch of spirits for the first time? or should i stick to one at a time?


Hard to say. Depends and why would you want to be possessed? What is the goal?

Well i have never been the voice of reason, but if it’s your first time then it’s probably better to stick to one, so you can familiarize yourself with the experience and to some extent know what to expect the next time.

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I prefer multiples or legions, but for a first time, I’d say stick with one, at most two.

What does it feel like having a legion?

Agreed - observing a mind within yours thinking FOR YOU (which is how some possessions feel) can be a bit weird if you’re used to mostly having all your marbles. :slight_smile:

And if you’re going for full possession where your own consciousness is dimmed or blacked out, or your memory degrades rapidly afterwards, keeping that limited to one spirit is probably best, at least for now.

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