Preparing for battle

Im going to be travelling to Hell tonight and preparing for battle on the astral plane, speak to someone in charge of souls from purgatory Hell ajaycent to take in billions and billions of souls from purgatory to mount a war on Heaven.


@Bowling270 Pretty sure it’s already under way. The undead masters I serve seem to be in the process of amassing an army of the dead in preparation for a full scale invasion. Not entirely sure about Hell though. I don’t quite work that much with the mainstream of Hell.

I was only mentioned it as Hell could have some statergies, which could be quite valuable as well, fire Demons could be helpful.

@Bowling270 I am pretty sure that at least on our side of things the armies are still in the process of being built up. I am not entirely sure if they would want to start an invasion just yet. Again, I am not very sure how things go on that side of things. All I am saying is that their are plans in motion already, and I don’t know how this would fit into that.

What about the idea of if i could crack open purgatory and take in billions and billions of souls from purgatory, each soul is like a little nuclear reacter Billion of them i would have the sun, i would have to prepare my vessel.

@Bowling270 Would they let you though? That’s the main question.

I like your style

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What do you mean would they let you through, if your mentioning Heaven, well look at perl harbour Japan suprise attack .

What’s going on

@Izanagi12 Just discussing the Apocalypse, and what my undead teachers have in store for the world.

You’d have to strong as shit and have a good reason to take a billion souls but aren’t they there for a reason?

Who are they ? And what do you gain in return ? For working with them ?

Text me I’m interested