"Preparatory Immersion."

…Okay so for you more experienced black musicians what do you do if you want to work with a spirit that you just found out about? I believe in EA’s Pathworking with Lucifer he said "before, even jumping into a ritual read

everything about that spirit… SLOW DOWN and immerse yourself, and then I guarantee it will be there before you even do the ritual." I was thinking about summoning Lilith today because I finished reading ‘Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype’ by Asenath Mason… But should I hold off?? All because I finished reading

that doesn’t necessarily mean im ready to work with her? Should I read everything about her first on the forums and search everything on her on Google? How do you guys do it? Much help would be much appreciated.


What :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I mean,I guess prepatory immersion is for getting your mindstate ready to ritual you will operate.Also its good to know what to expect,although yes experiences are very subjective its I think neccesary for getting to know who will you deal with, otherwise its just a half assed attempt in my opinion.

No it does not,just became Koetting said that, or anyone else, it doesnt make it the absolute truth.But its really good to be preapared. :smiley:

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@anon84423462 gotcha! Many thanks :+1:!

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EA has his own idea about preparatory immersion. But how do you read and study about new spirits like from Kingdoms of Flame? You can’t. Preparatory immersion is a study of the ritual that you are going to do. You need to understand thoroughly what every element means and what it is meant to do. If you don’t, you will arrive at a point in theritual where the subconscious says “I don’t know what I am supposed to do with this” and you will have an immediate disconnect. When your immersion is thorough, the whole thing just flows


Story time again. There was another member who had an encounter with a catlike creature. I wondered if the might have been King Bael. Given the context, it might have fit. I spent the whole day pondering that. Later that night I had a false awakening and there was a catlike creature running around my room. I managed to wake up but it was another false awakening an the same creature was there.

Several false awakenings later, I managed to wake up for real. As I scanned the room, King Bael was present there. He told me the my contemplation of him was sufficient to make contact. His arrival was inconvenient because I had other weirdness happening that same night. Anyway, contemplation of a spirit will often draw them near. Just a little warning there


@Faustus when you mean false Awakening do you mean…like you had a dream, within a dream, Within a dream, that you thought that was the cat lady but it wasn’t the cat lady but when woke up out of the dream it was King Baal??

I mean it seemed that I woke up and was in my bed watching this thing but I was really in a lucid dream. every time I thought I would wake up, I was still just really in the dream. It took some effort to break out of it. I have learned over time that these false awakenings are always spirit induced, at least for me


@Faustus ooh gotcha! Hopefully that wasn’t a dumb question lol because you said you had a false Awakening and then Another 1 so I assumed you meant like you had a dream any thought you woke up out of the dream and then you had another dream

Its kinda like that. You dream that you are awake. For me there is always a particular vibe to it that alerts me that its a spirit causing it

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