Prepaid services.(zorrito)

So my friend open a store.yes esoterica.i told her get a team.reader,spellcaster.researcher.tat way peoplz can pay like,$15,25 .a month.for a few months.and wen its need a rjtual,spell.etc.its already cover…now she tink its good.but how ,will it works.she has not idea.ya guys do ta before.if do.share ya experiencws.plz.tanks.

Is this an online store? What is the address?

There are potential legal problems any time you’re holding money for someone - what if they want it back because an emergency strikes, for example, so your friend will have to hold it somewhere safe like in a bank, and be able to access it quickly, also your friend might have a hard time explaining to the tax office why they took money then gave it back IF that happens.

The kind of people who like to pre-pay are usually both poor and bad with financial management (otherwise they’d save the money themselves, earning interest, or just have it to hand when they needed it) and people like that often have more crises in their lives so the $75 or whatever they paid upfront might be needed for other things.

So I think be careful and for sanity’s sake NEVER even spend $1 of the money until it’s been earned by doing the service, because until then it’s not really their property.

It sounds really potentially messy and complicated to me, especially for a non-essential (and in some ways intangible) service like magick where there are a lot of scammers which may make your potential customers have a sudden change of heart and/or make it easier to damage your friend’s reputation if they make a mistake.

My goodness eva.ya are the siry of the advices& directions.tanks, so much.heavenly advice.:slight_smile: