Prep Immersion

greetings everyone

I’m trying to get the prep immersion going on for the daemon I plan to conjure… beleth!!

I wanna no more about this daemon! I’ve looked all up and down the internet but no one talk’s much about this daemon… just basic info that I already know. I’m looking for some personal and intimate info about this entity. Nothing too too personal though, just enough info to create a mental image. anything from appearance, to voice, even persona would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thank You.

From my notes on first contact, via astral travel to him coz of a project I did:

His realm was full of horizontal lines… he removed my “emotions of defeat” …


And this whole thread,

Member Temporal_Anomaly transcribed all the guidance in that, including from Beleth, in that thread - and don’t forget to use the Search function! :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much!! I got MORE then what I asked for :smiley: