Preliminary skills prior to practicing evocation?

Hello, all. I have been in and out of magick over the last few years, never seeing any tangible results or successes. It’s a long story/pattern.

I want to satiate my ego with results, which is a no-no on the right hand, I suppose.

I am writing on a tablet, which is horrible for going at lengths on a message board, but:

Essentially, I have heard countless apparently skilled magicians say you must construct a permanent circle around yourself, by way of the LBRP, MPR, etc etc, before ANY evocational workings. Some who say not to even try before accomplishing K&C with the HGA. I think I notice this mostly from adherents of the GD system.

Yet, I see these cautions less emphasized by authors such as DuQuette (even with systems so powerful as Enochian), and no such mention in what little I have read of the old grimoires. E.A. seems not to emphasize it either, even throughout the seminar I watched of him at Dixie, and he certainly seems experienced.

I am impatient. I want experiential knowledge, and results. I want to know this stuff is real. I want practicality.

Collectively, I have done hours and hours of the LBRP and frankly, I am fucking sick of it as it yielded zero results. Actually, that is a lie… after a while it induced petulance and rage within me.

I have been focusing on meditation, mindfulness, enlightenment and all that for so long (which is beautiful stuff) but I have no outlets. I am all yin and no yang…

What are your thoughts/experiences about these notions? Must one fortify ones Self to proceed with these arts?

I want my fill of knowledge, and moreover new and exciting life experiences of which I have deprived myself of to an obscene amount because of anxiety, laziness and apathy. I need help… I suppose that sounds desperate, but so be it.

LBRP is meant to clear spirits from an area I believe not bring them. You would op to do the lbrp after a evocation not before, (please correct me if I’m wrong)
And even then not all the time because when you do ritual after ritual without banishing it lets the area get more thick and lets them come easier and quicker. I’m interested in what some of the more advanced members will have to say about this.

You also say you want to know this stuff is real… That alone tells me you may be weighing down your own efforts with trying to almost prove to your self that what you dont believe is actually reality. Try knowing its real and not expecting a major outcome, do an evocation and even if the smoke doesn’t take on a figure tell your self its there and go on with the ritual, when your done dismiss it and believe/know it worked and keep doing it that way till it starts to physically manifest.

LBRP can be done independent of an evocation ritual, to cleanse yourself, but Jakob is correct - it pushes spirits away and makes you more in tune with energy, it doesn’t bring things near.

Also, I made a thread that should help answer your questions, Ganesh:!/

This is a lot of the initial stuff that I’ll be covering in the Mastering Evocation course program for sure!

@ jakob

It isn’t so much that I don’t believe, it is moreso that my enthusiastic bursts of magical escapades are met with nothing to really speak of, in terms of tangibility. Though, I notice more occurences of synchronicity and coincidence, which is always neat.

Truth is, I’ve only stuck to unsuccesful sigils, and prepatory things because of this mindset (not lately. magick burnout…) That I must reach some nebulous goal in order to protect myself in case an evocation is successful.

@ red

I know the LBRP is for creating something of a non-elemental, neutral zone. But in doing it, I never felt effect from the ritual in itself or anything notable. At some point some point, a magician over at evocationmagic told me the LBRP is completely inert unless you master the QC, which I’ve not done. He goes by raum, and while highly knowledgable I understand little of his posts… A bit like Crowley’s way of teaching really.

Thank you for the thread, though. I have been looking through it.

I have yet to successfuly induce trance, to my knowledge. Meditation has bore no fruit in that regard. I think a this is something I definitely need to work on.

@ E.A.

Hey there, head honcho. I would love, love, love to be able to experience that course when it finally comes along, I really would. It seems incredibly ambitious, and I know I would realoy enjoy it as much as I did your Dixie seminar. But if the price tag of the Divination course is anything to go by (and it’s worth it, I’m certain) I simply won’t be able to. Small disability checks, section 8 etc etc sobstorysobstory.

Maybe someday. Hopefully soon.

I’ve been told that doing a LBRP with the construction of the pentagrams starting upwards instead of from the bottom left actually acts to open areas for spirits, rather than close off spiritual energy. The few times I’ve done it, I heard more vivid spirit communications in my meditations.