Prehistoric entities

2 nights ago while i was asleep, i remember clearly, one thing before i went to sleep i was in excellent shape , before sleep i seem to auto soul travel without knowing it, when i was in ren sleep i remember walking past a shed reptile like creatures after people there i saw this massive bower constrictor 30" diameter long to started following me other i looked at it there were large eggs in it head around 30 i can still see its eyes and eggs at same time also its mouth, everything is in it place no defect then i suddenly, in a different place no giant surpent behind me.

I was in a corridor saw another human spirit took me outside i saw this large prehistoric pet goanna pet spirit came towards me it didn’t attack me at all then i was inside again like magic then next i was lying down and the massive prehistoric Goanna pet spirit was rolling on top of me i could actually fell the massive colossal crushing wait of it rolling over me, after that incredible agonizing crushing pain, next i was on a ship in the Devils Navy i was told by the Captain i was literally crashed by the surpent welcome aboard i servived, then i want to sleep then i woke up i felt like i have been crushed by something massive i feels like my liver and kidneys and spine has been crushed, today i found it nearly impossible to get dress and to put my shoes on, i did feel around my back my spine steal in on piece no damage.

I cannot understand this … Sorry. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but could you use some punctuation to make it easier to follow?