Predestined Human Lifetimes?

This is a Big one and I have been thinking on this alot and experienceing it to so here is the deal I have dejavu almost everyday alot and many future exact events in my life has happened or are happening while yet I even experience some moments that other people have in their lifetymes

my friends and from my point of view as if I am they I, the new people I meet as if I knew them from somewhere and dont know where it is starting to bother me I think that my lifetime is predestined or something and the same applies to the magic something is off in my past I experienced thought and emotions alot that

I am reliving this current life like not 2-3times but something like above 5 times is that possible.I heard Lady Eva mention something about the Block Universe you may explanin please ^-^ I am realy bothered ,

I even think that I made a pact somehow with myself to not use magic or something to block myself from the gods which may be my delusion but the thing is that I had this before about my parents that they werent my real ones and years later it turned out to be true I have been thinking hard on this subject it is very bad if I dont have my free will it is like I am in a computer simulated game and someone is messing with me. Please Everyone Share your Thoughts and Experiences ^ ^


Deja vu is more common the younger you are.

Simulation Theory is a now major theory in theoretical physics. I always wonder about how it connects to deja vu, it’s like a glitch in the matrix.

In one possibility in the theory it is possible that none of us have free will. It’s easy to reject that notion but the more the theory is researched I believe the more possible that idea becomes. Not saying it’s true, just saying it doesn’t NOT make sense.

Anyways, I digress. In accordance with the main facet of Simulation Theory, you are in the program. But who now is the programmer? Magick exists therefore the answer is that YOU are the programmer Your conscious mind transcends the simulation. If you want to change your rules or the hand you are dealt you need to reprogram.

First step before you change your life is to find out why you chose the things you chose, or why they were chosen for you. There is always an abundance of information there. Don’t go messing with your wiring blindly. First you must diagnose and identify the issues and the roots.

I apologize, this is not my most comprehensible explanation.


Block world theory doesn’t rule out multiple possible realities whose manifestation is affected by choices you make, taking the point of awareness that is you along different filaments of potential than if you chose something else.

That would be down to probabilities, and persopnal potential based on genetics, ancestral and past-life inheritances, etc., it’s one of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about self-improvement style work, because you become better at creating desirable probabilities, instead of going with the flow.

This is the post on it, for anyone wondering: