Pre surgical protective sigils

i tore about 90% of my Biceps tendon from my ulna. Have surgury scheduled for the 11th of Dec. I was wondering if there could be some form of protective strengthening healing sigil circle i could draw on my arm circling the surgury site from about my middle forearm to my middle bicep.
kinda sounds wierd, but lately i need all the otherside help I can get, especially in physical and health areas.
Also, Does Azazel have anything to do with health repair, healing etc, or Belial? or does any one have a Being they find particularly awesome for such things?
Since I am my wife hemo dialysis tech/nurse/everything else, and I will have one arm totally immobilased, and she has a badly torn rotator cuff and will be getting her surugry about 5 months later, her arm if about usless, so we are going to be like 2 messed up birds tied together trying to fly with one arm each. Kinda intense. She has zilch to do with me or my “Strange Ways”- so even from a spiritual standpoint, I gotta pull my load as well as allow her to “fuel up” from mine- “shade of draculas selfish wife sorta”. So with very little time resources and unfinished sanctum, I only got alittle time to rally every being I can to at least respect that I am with attitude heading up the mountain.
The sigils would be a great help to start.

Thanks and Love.

I’d do the Raphael mantra - I think that would rule out working on the exact same issue, same time, with Azazel, I hear they don’t get along. You could draw the three syllables of his name in the same way, around the injury (if the surgeon permits).

I know Raphael will converse with Belial (you may have read my funny story about that) and Raphael also recommended I work with Marbas, a demon, on another issue, so Marbas might be a good choice as well.

Here’s some information on Marbas, including a sigil:

Let me know if you want me to render it in greys so you can trace over it or something.

Here are the two sigils of the Archangel Raphael:

I mainly use the top one and I’d imagine it’s best suited to your needs. Again, let me know if you want it in grey to trace over, or anything.

or does any one have a Being they find particularly awesome for such things?

Hathor probably saved my life one time, I’d rather not get into details because I have a slight vulnerability still where she helped me, but I saw and felt immediate and miraculous relief.

Hathor’s also very loving and no-nonsense.