Pre-Report on purchasing Mastering Evocation Course

A friend of mine once said that, if the first three to five minutes of a movie are bad than in all likelihood the rest will be just as horrible. Usually movie trailers exemplify this premise very well as you watch the trailer you begin to hear the whispers from the audience about coming to the movie-house and definitely catching this new interesting flick.

My initial purchase experience with BALG went extremely well. No fuss, no hassle just point and click your way to becoming a god. My impulse to purchasing came early yesterday morning when receiving EA’s new video about " slaves and masters" and “unshackle yourself”. That definitely kickstarted me in the right direction.

Receiving an email with my access code lead me to another page to quickly view the videos. What hit me next was unexpected. I was greeted with a complete outline of twenty-one sections of video tutorial and below each panel link anchors(bookmarks) to that sections covered material for easy quick access. EA must have been a prior school teacher as it is reminiscent of an academic lesson plan required by all academia.

The massive amounts of detail is well covered. It appears EA didn’t leave any stone unturned in this venture as he’s getting better at structuring a magickal coursework for both the beginner and intermediate/advanced. What is intriguing is the amount of detail available that should answer everything for the novice.

Upon further reflection this coursework feels more like a video sequel to EA’s " Evoking Eternity" where he places the magickal practitioner in the center of his/her own universe to unlock all mysteries and begin to seriously practice the art with confidence. This was my reason for the purchase, to assimilate the confidence and drive to attain the godhood promised and you get much more than meets the eye.

Although the video streaming is very slow due to server hangups and overload, the good news is you can download the entire course after your seven day trial(or email Zendesk for the download links if you do not want to wait). I’m not much for watching streaming video so this wasn’t a huge problem for me.

As a practitioner of the art magickal for over fifteen years my obsession as always been the art of evocation. I call it an art since it is a skill that can be acquired and learned by anyone with enough dare and patience but back in days gone by I didn’t have the workable system that EA developed. All I had were some books explaining said half truths with the obligatory " do not dare work these or ye shall…" and so I was left with various editions of the Goetia with my side notes in ink as to how I could make it happen. The pages have yellowed and the bindings are almost worn out due to so much reading. The Goetia for me was kin to walking along Madison avenue in New York City during Christmas time and seeing that one of a kind toy you wanted badly but couldn’t afford, and so the Goetia became my lost gift of the gods. A glass reflection on an icy cold winter night.

The first three minutes of the Mastering Evocation course give some serious hidden occult truths that are so factual they never occurred to me before. I just learned one of the most important key truths about evocation and although I will not reveal this secret I will say thank you in advance to EA and tim for bringing about and making accessible that which has eluded me for so many years.

My apologies for the long winded thank you letter but you can only think what I am feeling now at this time. The best word to describe this would be…empowered.

Good post!

Only half way through but I’ve picked up a lot despite having the TCW.

I should be soon posting as thread about even somebody a completely and hopelessly unpsychic as I am can rock’n’roll in the spirit world.

Have also ordered the circle, probably will get the one with E.A.'s size 9 footprints, half the Utah desert and one very offended Belial attached…:slight_smile:

Size 10.5-11, actually! :wink:

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EA Koetting: my brother in Darkness… my brother in shoe size :smiley:

I’ve beaten you all!

Size 13!!!

No wonder the ladies keep following me around

[quote=“S.V.E, post:5, topic:1473”]I’ve beaten you all!

Size 13!!!

No wonder the ladies keep following me around[/quote]


The first time I used the universal circle while performing an evocation I was able to see Azazel as a tall, large shadow outline! It helped, that was my first visual manifestation! Still working through Mastering Evocation/Divination courses.