Pre islamic Jinn

OMG’s I could really write forever on this. but i will try to be short. i am wondering if EA, or anyone has recourses data or direction on obtaining and working Pre Islamic Jinn/spirits etc.

In my studying- around 600bce; (and about 1800 bce, but thats another story) something gigantic- worldwide and operative on multiple planes occurred and allowed some force to somehow become the funnel/filter through which nearly all overt ‘spiritual’ manifestations became forced through. like a wierd contaminated prism. just about any of the ‘Judeoxtian’ deity mask manifestation since then; has been profoundly tainted and i have now a tendancy to sidestep the Judchris’ anything. but islam is the a deception which was bred in the desire to be equal and accepted by the first 2— when they say ‘we all worship the same god’ blah blah- for those 3, yeah.
i have a theory on the yhvh/ manifestation of EnkiEA. The Real EnkiEA- the trickster god People loving god; definetly did create a “chosen people”, but not in the good way which they and other claim- he chose them for his pissing claw post- and gave them a set of ‘laws’ to specifically keep them self righteous, but always bringing down the wrath of any cosmic force- literally the shitting target of the planet. The Real Manifestation of EA/YH- say the EA behind the mirror- is an entirely differant Awesomely cool Being- which still usurped power over the planet- or part of it; as usurpation is how they get to power, hence the reason all of the Abrahamic leaders come through an effort of usurpation. But- once you see that you can see you do not have to bow to him— and I am very much of the opinion- his Aeon which began either 1800ish bce and was 'sealed circa 600ish bce- is either at an end or ending( it is never an over night thing- sometimes hundreds of years-sorry next Aeon Master to be)

Anyway. there are always great forces spirits and entities free of the taint and tyrany of the “big 3”- the would be "Better than thou Monotheists supremists) those are the ones I am looking for. Any help would be great, because as I search the web- it seems nothing escapes- ‘the funnel of doom!’.

You might be interested in this - it’s wordy but largely fits my UPG, and also the reason my ('scuse brief lapse into pretentiousness) prophecies require more magicians, most of whom end up being functionally non-monotheist, even if they occasionally use godnames from that stuff:

If you haven’t already I think if you could condense that a little bit it would be a good Q&A for Koetting.