Prayer to the 9 Infernal Deities of the Infernal Empire

In the name of Lucifer
Through the gates of Primordial Darkness,
I summon the 9 pillars of the Infernal Empire,
I name 9 names of the damned
I glorify the 9 fallen
Lucifer, I’m calling you ,
Morning Star, bless me with the gnosis of the Morning Race, show me the way to Ascent
Satan, I call You from the void of ethereal light so that my flesh and spirit can become the Flesh and blood of the Enemy!
May my words magnify your glory!
Lucifuge, Lord of Satariel,
The Lord of the treasures of the world,
In the temple of night,
hear my call,
hear your child,
Destroy the false light of my heart and fill my soul with black flame
Open the gates of darkness and shadows before me and let me enter it,
In order to receive the Gnosis of your Kingdom of the Sheltered,
Belial, the Useless Spirit,
Belial, who makes the crowns of the illusory lords of the world,
Open the gates of the abyss and let my beast drink in the black river of time
In order to awaken from the shackles and enter the void of consciousness and thereby gain Power over the world!
Baal, I summon you!
The Lord of pain and suffering,
The Reaper of souls!
I invoke the God of Spear and Sword,
Terrible, generous, invincible!
Give me your weapons and armor,
So that I can go undefeated across the ocean of time.
Beelzebub, Lord of the flies,
The deity of entropy and confusion,
Rise from the underground realms of the dark side,
From the caves and depths of the underworld, from the abyss and places of desolation!
Enter my body and destroy by the power of your legion all the imperfections of my temple,
Discover gnosis in the realm of life and Death
Asmodeus, lord of lust and fire,
I call upon your strength and wisdom.
Be my mentor,
Be my teacher, kindle my flesh
Fill me with lust, infernal lust
Enter into me and discover the gnosis of the kingdom of Galahab,
Awaken my red beast
Awaken my fire,
Awaken my rage,
Awaken my anger
And lead me to the forbidden fruits of your infernal garden.
Azazel, I’m calling you
I praise the damned goat of time,
who discovers the gnosis of this world,
Azazel tempt me with knowledge and let me know the curse of the Ancients,
O mighty Azazel, you who carry the flame of wisdom between your horns, hear my call and ignite the blood of the Nephilim that flows through my veins!
Proud Guardian, you who protect the sacred bloodline, bless me with your presence tonight, and let me take a piece of your sparkling light and your all-consuming Darkness!
I summon you, Pervert of the Infernal Empire
I ( name )I call on Abaddon!
The Black Angel of the Bottomless Abyss !
The Lord of Destruction
Merciless and terrible
The Soul Eater,
Sitting in the halls of Tamuel,
I ( name ) I appeal to him who has risen in divinity above the Black Sun,
I call upon the one whose authority is established as over the black monsters!
I call upon him by whose authority the angels are cast out
The last judge of death!
The true Destroyer of the Hellish Worlds
Show me how to find my way through the depths of hell and gain Strength!
Ave Infernarium!
Ave Infernum!
Glory to the Ancient Gods