Prayer to Havayoth?

I found this running in Internet through Google, does anyone know its Author? Or maybe is a prayer from some coven?

“ Havayoth. Thaumiel. Sathani. Moloch. Akzarel. Uazarel. Mibdalabel. Ianabel. Abadel. Labbabel. Lufugiel. Mahaziel. Abraxsiel. Azazel. Thadekiel. . Delepitore. Shamyaza.
O mighty Satan, Who art enthroned in Hell, and Who commands the waters of chaos, grant unto me Thy Power I beseech Thee, so that what I conceive in my mind I may accomplish in my work, through Us, O Pandaemonium, the Spirits of Magick and the World, Who livest and reignest unto the Ages of Ages. Naamah.”

Do you know from which grimoire this is?

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It makes no sense. Chavajoth/Havayoth/Azerate represents 11 Rulers of the Qliphoth - Azerate’s eleven heads (Na-Ama-Hema, Ama Lilith, Adramelek, Baal-Tzelmoth K-Ain, Belfegor, Asmoday, Astaroth, Lucerifuge Rofocale, Beelzebub, Molok and Satan.)