Praise to Khali

Praise to Khali!

I summoned the dark goddess KHali for the first time. What’s funny is that what I felt just by desiring to contact her was a warmth like Kuan Yin or Aphrodite . I had barely recited the mantra 6 times and my request was answered! That’s without formal evocation! She’s fast !

During formal evocation I did not get the expected change of temperature in the air that many people typically report . It was rather like an internal sense of assurance or security that was pleasant. Not sure if anyone has had this type of experience with her?let me know.

To thank her I built a temporary altar and promised to praise her. I’m also encouraging my fellow magicians to work with this goddess. Here is my altar below. Incense offerings are : 1 stick of cinnamon , I stick of dragons blood , 1 stick of myrrh and 1 stick of rose incense to balance the feminine (rose + myrrh) and the fierce agressive energy (dragons blood + cinnamon).


Jai Ma Kali :heart:

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Nice altar. Did you give Her alcohol and egg? The Mother Goddess will only accept these offerings when you invoke Her tantric form. However, the Mother Goddess Kali is quite forgiving She will still accept these offerings from you. Nonetheless, ask for Her forgiveness and She will forgive you. Now at the end of every puja (Traditional or not) or meditation it is required to ask Her to forgive you for all the mistakes committed during the puja or meditation. The (transliteration) mantra to ask for forgiveness is:
“Aum Krim Kalyai Namah Xamapanam Samarpayami.”

P.S.: The spelling of the Divine Mother name is “Kali” without the “H”. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the compliment !

How do I invoke or evoke her tantric form? What is her « tantric » « name »?

Thanks for the advice!

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Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy. The Divine Mother Has several names more than 1000 really. Any one of them could be considered tantric sine Mother Kali is the presiding Goddess of tantra; the main tantric goddesses are principally the Mahavidya Goddesses. Without Mother Kali tantra would not have existed. However, She has 9 specific names encompass all forms including Her tantric ones:


In addition to these forms one has to consider also the 64 Kali Yoginis. Each one of these Yoginis are replicas of Goddess Kali. These forms are all tantric. The picture of Mother Kali that you have on your altar is a good illustration of one of Her tantric forms. The only tantric puja that I know of is the Naga puja. I know a little bit of yoni puja. The Mother Goddess has given me a few assignments to do and that’s what I’m getting myself ready to do. Please forgive me if I don’t answer your posts right away.

May Mother Kali bless and protect you.

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