Praise to Aphrodite

I asked Aphrodite to get me cosmetics.

Idk, makeup just makes me look better.
And it’s relieving.

So thx Aphrodite!


Aphrodite is the BEST


What is Aphrodite’ sigil?

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I do not know if this is the case for Aphrodite, but generally, the gods and goddesses do not have sigils that are intended for them. In a pinch it is more through amulets, talismans which are dedicated to them (or you concentrate your energy and directs your “prayers”) that it can be manifested.
Otherwise, it is more generally through icons, as for Zeus with the lightning, Venus with the icon representing the woman or the dove, or Neptune with the Trident. The best is that it is an image that represents the god or the goddess according to your point of view :ok_hand:

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There is a symbol called the flower of Aphrodite you could use that

thank you!

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I asked her for a designer purse…bf bought it yesterday


How did you make a connection with her,I need to do the same for the smae , pls guide

I bought her statue, set up altar and gave her a offering of red wine. Look on line there are numerous prayers to her; after your prayer state your intention. Hope this helps

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After offering the wine, do u drink it urself ? What do u pray to her for ?? Did it benefit you

No, I did not drink it… leave on the altar for 3 or 4 days, then discard(some people eat/drink offerings I choose not to)… I don’t remember which prayer I used. Google Aphrodite prayers and choose one that resonates with you. Hope this helps.