Praise be to Belial

Praise be to Belial. He used his powers to get the police to drop their case against me so that I was never formally charged.

Praise be to Belial. As promised I said I would give him public praise. It may have taken two years but I am eternally grateful and thankful and in awe of his tremendous powers.


Congrats on the success, but please try to keep short thank you posts like these to the mega thread, so they don’t clutter the forum.

Apologies it wasn’t my intent to spam however I promised both Belial and Bune I would praise them publicly both in the one topic and individually in their separate topics. I can edit my opening post if that would help?

Apologies once again.


Just keep the future ones to the mega thread. You can write seperate thank yous inside of that thread. We just ask that people don’t make new threads for every good thing that happens. Otherwise the whole forum would be 98% people giving thanks.

If you tell them you are going to make a special thread just for them. Find another place to post it. Maybe reddit or someplace like that.

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Long posts praising a spirit are generally accepted. In the future, you can make it a masterpiece of a praise, and detail what you set out to do, and what was the reason for doing so, and explain how the magick worked on the way, what happened etc. Mostly if you didn’t make an initial thread on the subject, so in that way it helps the reader to know what happened and how it played out. That can be helpful to some users and encourage them to reach out to the spirit you called on.

So if it is long like that you can usually make your own thread as it can spark some discussion.

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I’ll edit my opening post later today / tomorrow to make it longer so that it helps some of the newbies.

Sure thing. Although you lose the option to edit the post after a few hours. I think after two hours if I’m not mistaken. In that case, it’s best to post it in the thread @DarkestKnight showed. It gets a lot of attention there as well.