Praise and a serious question

Eric, you are quite honestly, and inspiration. You’re showing the world what it is to be a defiant pariah. And that is something I can definitely emulate and appreciate.

One thing that you are definitely accomplish a thing, what do you want to acknowledge it or not, is bringing magic back to the Forefront, reintroducing magic into this world of Hi-Tech Solutions, instant problem solving, an over-reliance on people who don’t fully understand that you have to work with the Unseen as well as the physical in order to affect complete change.

People on this forum are simply some of the most advanced people in this world when it comes to dealing with magic and spirit, from people that are able to conduct personal possession of other people, spiritual assassin’s, and people who can call forth long-dead Sorcerers and presidential figures in order to learn the secrets of politics and Magic from years, decades, and centuries ago, and all the worlds in all the universe, there are few creatures that can make such a boast.

These people, these Sorcerers, these magicians, can affect extreme change in the world, and they are all here on your website, they are all here participating in the furthering development of Magic on a grand scale. The fact that there are so many people who regularly come up on your forum, and freely give out information in order to help other people.

As you continue forward in your journey, understand that there will be a lot of people that are watching you, some with admiration, some of disdain, some with love, and some with unbridled Fury. One thing that I’ve already been told while surfing the ethers is that you are A Marked Man, both in the physical, as well as the Ethereal for some of the secrets that you have put out, whether it’s the fact that you went back on your word to the voodoo practitioners, or the fact of the Soul travel which you are being targeted for teaching, due to the simple fact that there’s a lot of government agencies who think that they have a monopoly on that, or if it’s simply esoteric orders who are pissed at you for giving out the secrets of working with these great beings, understand you are A Marked Man.

With all of these things being the case, with all of these factors in play, how proud are you of what you have helped create?

Very much looking forward to your future works, the book of Abaddon, and the book of lucifuge are going to be phenomenal hits, rest assured, you can count on my money.

Darkest blessings.


Ah the guy doesn’t use the forum any longer

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He comes through rarely, I just really wanted to get my thoughts out there for it.

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Hey, Eric, I’m glad to see that you enjoyed my topic, it means a lot to me, and I’m honestly touched that my words moved you enough for you to make a video about it.


What video

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DAYUUUUM. he dropped yo name



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Haha it was so weird seeing this topic referenced in that video. That was seriously an awesome video though! I love what E.A. said about dropping mind towards the end. Made everything click into place for me.

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One thing that the military teaches you, as well as pretty much every martial aspect of life, is that you have to be torn down in order to be rebuilt into something better.

Your conscious mind goes along with the same precept.

We are born, and through our lives, before our Awakenings, we are given a set list of things that we are supposed to believe oh, how things work, who’s in charge, what your place is, and the nature of the universe as it stands.

The insanity that we all face at some point is simply our conscious mind breaking, and then being reassembled into a more understanding consciousness.

This, Much like in boot camp,will make you, or break you. But whenever your mind breaks, so does your body, and the consequences can be much more severe.