Practicing tarot reading trade

Hey guys, so I am wanting to do some practice reading on tarot cards readings to see how far I came in doing readings.

I am going to do my spread being past, present, future, life, love, health, money, and card overall.

I’m going to do three right now, so response might be slow.


I want a general spread, please :grinning:

Sure, just pm me so I can know if you need anything answered in general.

That’s sounds really good for me, may I pm you?

Hello, can I get one too?

@Ignited and @Darkscorpio of course, though you’ll have to wait until I’m done with @MagusOfGamaliel and @C.S reading. I’m kinda slow so I apologize.


Can I get a reading? @Bunnygamer1994

Sure. Would you be up for a trade? I am looking for a general reading

Can I get one?

Yes of course…it’ll take awhile so I apologize

@MagusOfGamaliel reading is done and next is @C.S


I’d love to practice and trade PM me?

I’d like one if you can.
Gotta wait for my turn :innocent:

I’ll like one as well. A general one would be much appreciated thanks :blush:

I lost power yesterday so I finally finished @C.S tarot read. Next is @Ignited

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@Ignited is done… @Darkscorpio is next for the reading

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@Darkscorpio is done and next is @Epsilon_The_Imperial

To those that are waiting I apologize for being slow with readings as I want to make sure there accurate and everyone gets enough detail.

@bunnygamer1994 I PMd you my question. Thanks for the help

Hello. :slight_smile: Are you still doing readings?

Yes I need to get back into it since holiday are over