Practicing my tarot readings (and trades if one wants)

My true self does represent a lot of what the fool represents, i.e new beginning, primal, and so forth, so there is some accuracy here.

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Thanks for the feedback

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I need one really bad can u do it for me warrior?
My question is my future.
Thx a lot.

Hello if you are still doing readings I would love to ask a question if you have the time <3

if you’de like some back story…THaibault and I have been apart for 5 months now but have been seeing eachother “as friends” but in reality it’s like we are a couple again how ever every time I ask him he says he wants to move on. Last night we had a big talk where I asked him what he truly wants, I told him he tends to let his demons win and he never lets love rise. we cried and we talked for hours and decided that the best to do is to take a step back and for him to really see what he wants, whether it is to get back togehter and give us a chance… or to move on.

So I guess my question is what do you see the result being? will he be strong and love me again and return to me, or will he want to move on to other things?

hi ! i’d love a reading. also down to trade readings in pm if that’s possible :).

what’s coming next for me in love now that i’m starting to fully get myself together ?

@iitrista Please be aware that we have a rule prohibiting newcomers to the forum from offering any sort of readings, including in exchange or PM, until they have been active for at least 90 days.

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yes okay okay that’s why i said if that’s possible , thank you @DarkestKnight

now taking 2 readings, MAYBE 3, would appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

no questions on a specific spiritual Being you are working with

May I ask if I can find a balance with my spiritual family? Thanks :heart:

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present situation: you are taking a break, introspecting, meditating

causes of conflicts and obstacles: the causes are mostly internal, you are battling within with what you want, you are unsure, try to follow your heart.

changes needed in order to face challenges: you must stop daydreaming and thinking so much, try to turn your dreams into reality or overcome your fears.
If you are unable to decide because of too many options out there, it is time to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option and make a thoughtful choice. You must also be clear and cautious about your intentions in order to make the best decision. Great opportunities can turn out to be major problems later while less attractive options may ultimately turn out to be golden ones.

With the 7 De Coupe Tarot, there is a big risk of illusion. You must separate real things from illusion and protect yourself from confusing thoughts, fantasies, and ordinary phantasms. Often, this card denounces choices and strategies that have little or no foundation in reality. If you try to implement these ideas in the real world, you will expose yourself to an inevitable disappointment when you realize that they just simply do not work.

This is also a wish card. Each cup is filled with wishes such as wealth, beauty, success and a beautiful house. However, each cup contains a mixed result. Some cups contain a snake or a demon and so, seven cups can all be poisoned gifts. Let’s pay attention to what you want because you may get it with the price. The temptation is associated with this card. With so many possibilities right there, it is easy to be shaken by a cup sheltering the snake of jealousy and cunning.

Love is also a driving force in this card, selflessness, happiness, love, so try to go with love and positivity while you make projects in real life without daydreaming on things too much, have no fear.

Strengths: The reversed 5 De Coupe Tarot announces healing of regret and acceptance of the past. Now you are beginning to realize all the consequences of the past and you have come to appreciate the lessons learned from this experience because it taught you not to make the same mistakes.

If you have had a break, this reversed card means the end of suffering and the beginning of new loves, new relationships, and new emotional adventures. You are about to embark on the inspiring, creative and sentimental side of life.

This card is also about values ​​and knowing what you really want and what will make you really happy. It predicts a grace period after obvious disappointments. Sometimes, disappointments are needed to discern lies and illusions and to free you to find what is truly valuable in life. Once you have made this transition, you will be free to seize new opportunities.

Other challenges: Challenges have come or will come to test your strength, but once again love is an important driving force to find your true place as who you are so that the world doesnt crumble upon you (this is my interpretation here, you tell me how accurate)

Final Outcome:
Negative meanings of this card include sexual obstacles, shame, eternal creativity in the embryonic state, prohibitions of oppressive instincts and hindering the formation of that power. This card can bring doubts about a person’s creative and sexual abilities: intellectual thinking interferes with and impedes energy flow.

The reversed 2 De Baton means you need to start prioritizing your long-term goals, what is important to you, and what you really want to achieve. At the moment, you feel like you want a lot of things, but without considerable thinking of turning them into reality. Let’s start over again and think about what you are passionate about and why you are motivated.

You need to determine exactly what your passions are and then deduce goals to achieve. You may also be afraid to explore unknown territories despite the enormous potential for personal development and prefer to stay with what you are familiar with. The problem is that your personal development is currently hampered by your current environment and that this world has become too narrow. It is time to return to your original goal and think about the beneficial impact of risk-taking to catapult you into the vast world around.

The reversed 2 De Baton can also mean that you have overlooked some important details related to your future plan. You may have progressed at a high level but you are facing a major obstacle due to a lack of organization. You may also have placed too much faith in your success, neglecting the things that matter most. Or, the passion associated with your goal has blunted and in these conditions, you are bored and become discouraged. It is essential to rekindle that passion or start over with something that inspires you more.

update, one reading was enough :slight_smile:

i took some time but here you go

I am living a period of mental confusion in my life, I find myself in the general reading of what you wrote. I have several responsibilities that came suddenly and I have a lack of organization. I have to take a road and figure out what to do.
It’s an important challenge, but I have to find the strength to overcome it. Thank you for your time : )

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may i ask, was it all accurate?

Some things were not accurate. The first cards were very accurate, the two of sticks was more a lack of motivation, i didn’t focus at all on my future.
More than wanting so many things I don’t know what to do. I’m very much in my head and the advice you gave me is very helpful.
Otherwise everything is fine.

thanks for the feedback

Hey ! If it is still open , can I have a reading about my love ?

ok, i want to do 1 or 2 readings, this time i will try to interpret on my own, this time please ask me questions on what you are currently going through so i can test my accuracy

no questions on spirits please

Would “why am i so angry” be an accurate question? :wink:

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yes, albeit a scary one, but sure :grimacing: :joy: