Practicing my tarot readings (and trades if one wants)

I will pull one card to answer your questions, will start with 3 questions, tell me the accuracies

and if you can ask me also a question on something you are already sure of the answer as I am practicing my accuracy

if you wish to trade readings im also up for that in pm

only questions i will not answer are those related to your work with other Beings in any way


I will not be reading for now, write your questions and i will get to you

I would like to know what is the reason of so much personality and mood shift within me?

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drew the 5 of pentacles upright:

The Five of Pentacles represents poverty and neediness. Poverty is not just a financial condition one suffers; it is a pervasive state of mind. “How am I going to pay for this?” “If I don’t give him more money for the hundredth time it will be my fault if something bad happens?” “I wish I could just get lucky and win the lottery.” “I’m just not good with money.” “When can I get out of this debt?” “Why am I so worthless?” “Why don’t they appreciate me?”

These are all examples of poverty consciousness. Even rich people can get stuck in poverty consciousness. This is because poverty is not actually about money. It’s really about self-esteem.

Do you ever feel that success is granted to everybody else but continues to elude you?

Know your worth and value. Stop giving yourself away if you are running on empty. Put up boundaries with needy individuals. Speak up for yourself! Help others only if they are helping themselves. Go for your best opportunities.

There is one force on the planet that can eradicate poverty consciousness: Self-Esteem . When you feel smart, capable, competent, and confident you know your self-worth. If an individual feels worthy, poverty consciousness cannot gain a foothold. Unscrupulous individuals can’t “use” people who are strong in their sense of self-worth. Users and manipulators are like predators. They go for the weakest one when hunting for a sucker. The Five of Pentacles alerts you to any person or situation that seeks to make you feel less than. It’s time to create strong boundaries.

so i think overall it is an issue of self esteem, reclaim your worth.

does this sound right to you?

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Yes that’s exactly sound right to me.
Thank you.

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The poverty consciousness is what is causing pain and mood change to me
I realized when you mentioned it.

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I will ask you a question to give feedback and help with your accuracy.

What is the current focus of my spiritual work?

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Thank you, i will get to you soon

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General reading please, oh, I’ll be able to do your reading today too

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Can i have a general reading for the months ahead?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Page of swords reversed:

When the Page of Swords appears reversed, he reminds you to be aware of how you are communicating with those around you. Bring resolution to conflicts with others through respectful communication. The Page of Swords is a master communicator. He can be witty and mercurial, and yet he also has been known to lash out with a sharp tongue. Your words are very powerful, and they can immediately transform the energy of your environment. Don’t engage in speaking that depresses the energy around you. Use your voice in a manner that empowers yourself and others.

Also, watch the “temperature” of your communication today. Your words are like the winds. Are your words kind and warm like a summer breeze? Or are they biting and chilly? You can choose the voice you speak with. There are enough nasty things said, drifting over the airwaves, and on the winds. Don’t add to the pollution. Elevate the energy with positive words.

The Page of Swords (upright or reversed) appears when it’s time to find the place within that feels most defensive. This is where a fear of vulnerability is residing. Openly facing this fear, and being honest with yourself about it, will make it possible to grow beyond it. It is so easy to detach, deny, and forget your vulnerabilities. If you are a smart person like the Page of Swords, you might have rationalized your best areas for growth away. Release the need to prove you are correct today. Don’t insist on running to your own defense. If the feedback you are hearing isn’t valid, then you’ll know it. No need to react in an unseemly manner.

so i think your spiritual work is focused around causing external changes to your environment by utilizing spellwork of some kind, mostly spoken spellwork maybe? “the vibrations you put out affect the environment.”

that may also be combined with getting to know yourself deeper, you are also trying to introspect your microcosm, more specifically, finding your fears and facing them instead of rationalising them away and ignoruing them, is this correct?

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Drew Temperance:

Temperance signifies balance, moderation, and slowing down. This card represents your inner “stress barometer” which notifies you when your mind and body are under too much strain. When Temperance appears, it is time to give your body more of what it needs right now, in order to restore your equilibrium. The card encapsulates finding the right balance between two opposing forces, to restore harmony.

Does your body “act up” when you’re stressed? Do you get strange sensations that make you worry you might have something seriously wrong with you? Do you listen to your inner needs when you are spread too thin, or do you “power” through, depleting yourself further?

The angel on the Temperance card represents your higher self, which knows just how much of anything you can endure.
The angel is pouring just the right amount of water from one cup, to replenish the other. This represents your need to replenish what has been depleted.

If you follow the angel’s example and look after your equilibrium, you will also find a healthier, happier future awaiting you.

Temperance is sandwiched between two challenging cards: Death and the Devil. It is an oasis stop in the journey through the Major Arcana. It symbolizes a place of self-care and restoration before getting back in the ring. The many Angels that appear in the tarot represent your Higher-Self. The location of Temperance in the Major Arcana symbolizes the need to reconnect with the transcendent, “big-picture,” while amid difficulties. Stressful situations can deplete you quickly. It like holding your breath under water and endlessly swimming. The symbol of Temperance is much like returning above the water’s surface, to replenish yourself with a full breath of sweet air. Temperance enables you to go back beneath the surface renewed and revitalized.

You may think that life is just too demanding and busy, and that you don’t have the time for self-care. Many people give all the energy they have and feel strained, stressed and even crazy from burning the candle at both ends. Temperance reminds you to listen to your body, quiet your mind, and spend some to come up for air. No matter what demands are being placed on you currently, you need to replenish yourself.

Not wanting to disappoint others makes us jump through impossible circles and hoops, attempting to be Superman or Superwoman. All the while we slowly deplete ourselves to a point where we need rescuing! Temperance gently guides you to protect your own health and well-being first. In this way, you will have plenty to share with others.

To restore your balance, what is your body signaling to you that it needs? More water? More rest? Some quiet time? A vacation? A break? Time with your favorite books? A reading?

Wrap yourself in the angel’s wings, and lovingly give your body what it needs. The Angel of Temperance is guiding you back toward what you need for balance. Taking the time to restore your equilibrium will ensure that you have an abundance of energy to invest in all the people are goals and improvements that are waiting for you.

I dont even need to explain this further but i will, basically, take time for self care

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Wow, spot on, I’ve been spread thin, like little butter over too much toast

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Thanks for the feedback, by the way, I copied this from a website, the pull is mine but the explanation isnt.

The Page of Swords is a good card to represent me in general

How I would describe myself in a nutshell.

There was a distinct moment today where the people around me were voicing their negative opinion of another person and I simply countered with “I think she’s great”, “she probably cares a lot about ___”, “I just assume that she likes me,” things like that. Later on the same person sent me an email that was very kind and lovely and not at all in line with all the negative qualities those other people had used to describe her.

Pretty much describes my entire week. I have just been going with the flow and not letting myself get frustrated or negative about anything.

Correct. All my “spellwork” currently is purely affirmation and “affecting my environment” by Law of Assumption.

Correct in a sense. I am changing down to my core. Instead of ignoring or accepting the outer world as reality, I am using that “introspection” aspect to see how far I can change the world around me with a simple shift in mindset. It’s going very well so far.

Thanks for your time :blush:

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Could I have one please? What do I have to work on in order to become a better person?

Thanks for the feedback

Hello, I am giving 3 max, I have given 4, if i ever decide to give more i will reopen.

sorry i realise i did not make that clear on my original post


readings open again, i will do 2

May I have a general reading for how the month of september will go please?

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