Practice for beginners

Hi, I’m so interested in chaos magick. I’ve read Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine and I’m reading Advanced magick for beginners by Alan Chapman. In these books there are some tips and practices but can i start from them (gnosis, servitors, sigils, evocation)? There are advices you can give me to get off to a good start? Thank you


I’d like to know more about this topic since I’m a beginner too!

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Hi I know two sources that could help.

  1. The IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros) have a book for applicants on their site for free. There are excercises in there ment to be taken on for 6 months.
  2. The Psychonaut Field Manual by Archtraitor Bluefluke. Its a comic style manual but I think it captures the important bits quite well. Its also free which is a bonus.

Thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot :smile:

Check out Hands on Chaos Magick by Andrieh Vitimus.

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Get a spirit guide to make your learning much easier .

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I just read the contents and I think it could be the right way to follow. Thank you!

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Now it’s difficult for me to move but I know a person that could help me. At the first opportunity I can consider this option. Thank you!

Try an Archangel , they are very beginner friendly .

Do you mean summoning an archangel? Do you consider it a safe practice for a beginner? And who do you suggest me to summoning? St. Michael? I ask this to know something more. Thank you

Damn, such a tease but I cant applicate because of my country I guess xD

Yup , or prayers to him would work , or invocations .

About general magick 1 or 2 books indeed suggest to invoke Michael (Sunday conjuration from Heptameron, for example), either once or daily, in order to advance on the path.

There is one here in Germany but I think I will not aplly for now. I can barely manage to meditate daily and keep focus at the moment. I might try when I have a good foundation.

@fapa79 @NailOH : I think this only works when you have a bit of experience right? My past exploits got me nowhere or in a bad place. Long meditation is still a challenge and my mind won’t focus as long as I would like to. => Get the basics right then get a guide?

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@Kenny90 Could you please post a link to the one in Germany? When I searched yesterday I don’t remember to found one located here.

You got a PM.

That invocation to Michael for enlightenment and grow may be said both by a beginner or an advanced practicioner, in any case about meditation focus first on assuming a posture and maintaining it, then on relaxing the body… When an extraneous thought surfaces, “say” that it isn’t the moment and you’ll consider it later.

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Thank you for all the advices :slight_smile:

Can you send me a link of the IOT book or website? When I google it a bunch of stuff comes up I got really confused.

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Surprised no one mentioned this one yet…
Liber MMM by Peter J. Carroll. It’s distributed for free online, it’s an excerpt from his book Liber Null & Psychonaut. That book has a very hands-on approach, it’s strictly chaos magick (reaching gnostic state, sigil and servitor creation, etc), but some people find it too dense.

If Carroll’s style doesn’t suit you, try Visual Magick by Jan Fries.

Meditate everyday. E v e r y d a y.