Practical Jinn Magick Untamed Riches ritual

I have had a search for this but not found anything in particular of its result. In practical Jinn Magick there is a ritual called untamed riches, has anyone ever tried this and is it safe? in safe I mean has it ever caused accidents, inheritance etc which would make me weary? My worry is what extremes does this work to haha.

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I searched for “untamed riches” and came up with:

If those answers aren’t enough to help you make a decision on working the ritual, hopefully others can chime in with their experience.

Good luck and stay safe.


The archangels are included in this method to protect you from undesirable side-effects.

If you vibe with the Jinn then you should expect good results from them.


I have had a lot of success with it, just follow the instructions properly and you will be okay.


my only worry is I know the jinn can be a little sporadic and do things well unique. I have a fear that can be accidents etc. I guess it is unsubstantiated but that worry lies in back of my head. I will give it a go and see and hopefully wont end up worse off lol.


Fears tend to manifest quickly.

If you’re afraid, I suggest you sort that out beforehand. Even telling the jinn you summon, “make sure no one dies” is a good way to keep from feeling fear about the topic.


I was thinking about this, if a fear manifests quicker can we utilize its power and fear what we want? Ie we say want 20 pounds so we fear we will get just 20 or fear the 20 in essence will it power this I wonder. Or build a fear up and then feel it, concentrate it then to something else WE WANT and see if it works.

I felt missurable the other night over some situations and pretty upset so I poured the feeling into a sigil to get 50 pounds cash. Day after I think oh not worn these jeans for a while I will put these on and in the pockets I had 55 pounds in cash notes! then lost a 5er walking leaving me with 50 dead on haha. So the emotion of crying into the sigil most have worked well.

I also hear anger is great if redirected as an energy source, say building it up from something else then changing it towards what you want and pouring that feeling in but my worry with that is manifesting the stuff your angry about instead of what you want. Angers fantastic in baneful work but never tried it for positive.

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What sort of turn around do you usually get with the rituals you have tried? is it a few weeks or within days a gradual influx etc?

I don’t suggest that lol. Fears aren’t something most people want wandering around their lives. And I’m not sure manipulating your mind into say fearing a girlfriend because you want one is going to get you a girlfriend to have a healthy relationship with, she’ll probably be everything you fear about an interpersonal relationship.

Misery is not fear. Desperation is not fear. Need is not fear. Want is not fear.
Your 50 whatever-currency is not an example of fear. It’s an example of desire.

This is different for everyone and every request. Sometimes hours, sometimes a year.


I did this spell 4 months ago and it landed me my dream job. It opened the road to tje career i always wanted.
The results came unexpectedly. I wasnt even searching. I just received a phone call 5 days after the ritual and they asked me to go for an interview. Same day i got the interview i also got the job.
I still have the job and i am very grateful

Go ahead and do the ritual. Just make sure you write a good petition.


Did you use the hargrave ritual with untamed riches? how did you word your request? I sadly have yet to get a result from this particular book, trying the binding method tonight mixed with the protection elements of this one.

I made a YouTube video about how I was tricked by the :man_genie:
Goddess of Earth Shop

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Which video? I sadly could not find it. What exactly happened?

@Multix, in my personal opinion you will try to avoid the DJinn/Jinn path, its totally different from the Demonic/Angelic path, they are ruthless hard controlled beings and if you summon them, you should watch your back all the time because if they’ll find any loophole in your working/mundane, you’ll stand nowhere in front of him or what should I say, hope that helps.
This is what I am telling you from my personal experience in which I and my family is the victim, fallen pray for them, mind that.

Peace & Blessings

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What did you summon them for and what did they do and what ritual pattern did you use was it traditional hard binding like in the older islamic texts or the new binding approaches with the Jinn kings etc? curios to hear. I assume you banished them in the end.

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I didn’t do any type of summoning if you have some info about Islamic east Asian tradition, you probably knew the term “SIFLI”, its the worst type of black magic used in these regions in which work must be done via dirty/unclean things mainly blood/scat/mensural blood and all the filthy things you can think of.
At that time exorcism had done by an Islamic preacher but after some time they’ll come back again n again it’s more than 15 years now but to date, according to some Muslim preachers our house is completely full of Shayateen, negative energies, but due to I perform banishing on daily basis, twice or more these entities are gone but back again.
So it’s quite tiring and frustrating because I am not living alone I live with my family consisting of my wife and 3 daughters.
DJinns/Jinns are not banished in that way that we banish a Demon or any other spirit, because when they come they did not come alone they came with their entire tribe if you banish one their tribe or tribes getting revenge from you until you have some extraordinary skills developed on how to deal with them but its like all the time watch your back for any attack from them.
What else should I say, that’s all for now.

Peace & Blessings

Dang… I’m so glad I didn’t buy the Practical Djinn Magick book…

I’ll stick to Ars Goetia/Theurgia/Paulina.

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You did the pretty right thing Djinn magic is not bad either but the thing is the practitioner should be well versed with the Djinn workings their types, hierarchies, and other aspects because they are no doubt very strong, powerful, and amazing beings but hard to control, they don’t like summoning and if you summed him then you have to be very careful.

Peace & Blessings


To me and what I have researched and read is to be respectful of them and if you bind them, dont leave them bound forever to an object or they will haunt you and cause chaos but once you have your result respectfully unbind and let them go or if on friendly terms at all allow them to roam but you dont want stalker behavior either. But the practical Jinn magick book contains quite a bit of protection built in from the birhatiya manuscript plus some alterations. I have yet myself to see a result of this particular system though in all fairness some rituals I have done are upon someone else I dont see much of and the ones on myself have only been around 2 weeks or more ago give or take so still early days but not noticed anything yet.

Scalarshot so do you believe someone else invited them into your home? possibly doing Jinn magick at some point? I have heard they can be tricky to remove. Have you tried the ritual for scattering the Jinn?


Yeah as I said earlier we are victims someone else has done us and from that to date we are still facing issues, they were gone but then came back so its like a never-ending suffering for us.
Due to these issues, we are mentally, physically, financially collapsed and ruined, still fighting but chances are very slim for us.