Practical jinn magick questions

im new and decided to focus on practicsl jinn magick as my starting point for getting into the deep-end, but had questions.

first off the "rituals to perform on an X day, is a day considered midnight to midnight? or is doing a spell at 3am on a thursday still valid for a wensday spell?

also in the “cause obsessive thoughts in another” spell, it cautions against having someone obsessively admire you, but doesnt explain the bad that could happen?

does the “reverse a negative cycle” work if i want to cast it on someone else? i.e. if i want to encourage someone to quit smoking?

possibly more questions as i go deeper into the book


Corwin Hargrove mentioned somewhere (I can’t remember where though) that for this book, he doesn’t follow planetary hours. So a day is considered midnight to 11:59pm. Monday is Monday, Tuesday is Tuesday and so on.


ok thanks

@Mystic_Z Can you help here? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t know what book he’s talking about? my practice is totally personal and a little shaytanic religious, I had to divert religious Arab magic and I had to take tricks from other practices to set up my own magic and worship system with iblis, the same for my way of working with his children’s and legions, I have no connection with the lunar phases or planetary hours and I always work on Saturdays, from midnight to 3 a.m. and 29 minutes after sunset until midnight. and, I only use the jinn to do pain and nothing else.


“practical jinn magick” by corwin hargrove. was the only book i was able to track down locally so i decided to start there, but im open to other books/guides?

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It looks interesting I would buy it to see what it contains that can still be useful. I have the smokeless fire book of s. ben qayin that I use for only the seals. and the book “the devil’s quran” of martinet press where I translated into Arabic what I needed. I use the djinns of the Arabic book "kitab al fihrist. Then I learned the Arabic magic of magic squares to create iblis and djinns squares to work with them, but it’s exhausting and long to make them and I have a book of Islamic/Persian magic, I would have liked to share it, but it is not possible for me to translate it myself and it would cost me an arm to have it translated by a pro, I am not good enough in Farsi, it is a book with which I work with asif ibn barkhiya the ifrit who to bring the throne of the queen of saba to Solomon, it is the only book where I have a magic practice for love etc…with the djinns.


Wow where did you get this book? I can read Farsi but what doesn’t resonate with me from these books is that you have to pray (namaz) , do the love Magick from these work?

I had difficulty getting it directly from Iran, by acquaintances, they had to send it through a friend who goes back to Turkey is from there, to be able to send it to me without problem by post.
Yes of course it comes from this book, like the Arabic and Persian magic books there is always the influence of Islam in it.
As you can see on a part of the table of contents.


Are you Iranian?

nope, but I have always learned the minimum of languages for my practices Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Farsi, Creole and since Semitic languages are getting closer it is more or less easy for me.

what’s this book called? It has such specific spells like eye and tooth pain and healing of animals , finding missing people , fix asthma etc,

Yeah, it’s not really a black magic book, why do you want it? I can mp you if you want.

Oh so is it like more of a Muslim prayer book? Then I’m not intrested :joy: well if you need help with the language feel free to ask !

yes there are passages from the Koran in it, it remains a book of invocation of djinns and peris, thank you I don’t understand everything and sometimes it’s too small and unreadable. Actually, I would have liked to translate it completely, but I can’t, it might interest other people.

Are you iranian?

Yes :blush:

از دیدنت خوشحالم دوست عزیز

Same here my friend :blush: I know black magick is being done in Iran quietly , I’ve never met anyone who practices openly so far , do you actually live in Iran ?

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Yes im too. But I’m not going to black magick. I just try to evocation.

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