Practical development through active work

Wanted to put up something for people starting out with the art of magick from my perspective that may be of use(Likely insomnia talking).

Immersion into an energy system working toward pragmatic use leading towards development of spiritual senses.

For me this started with elemental magic and then planetary magic. Specifically ritual work with a energy/force to cause a change either in myself or in my situation. The result of constant work with different forces are being influenced by their natural state similar to being exposed to the energies of spirits, causing both a shift of perspective and personality on the one working with that force, as well as being able to perceive the energies being worked with more clearly over time.

For me even now as I am working with the current within the Black magic of Ahriman this holds true, the longer the exposure to the energy involved the more sensitive my senses become to it. From what I can tell this includes work with evocation. I have had multiple spirits make themselves known to me over the years but until very recently I’ve never used ritual evocation or invocation of a specific spirit only specific energies.

My current work lead me to research then make contact with Sitri through evocation to learn from him and i have continued to work with Sitri through invocation. At this point I have learned he is more a spirit of passion than lust. More than just the passion involved with sex but an expression of all passion both physical and creative. As such he can be called upon to give passion to creative endeavors of all kinds.

After pondering on it for a bit,it is more than a little possible the influence of interacting with sitri’s energy so much in the last week is what lead me to post this. In this is the case all I can say is explore outside context of the texts into the nature of the spirits you work with and develop your potential to make of your life what you want.

That way if you decide you need to make a change, you will know how to do it yourself and develop similar levels of control of forces in this multiverse as the spirits we work with. For me the work with spirits I’ve done in the past and present has been to learn their ways do to for myself, not have them do it for me.