Practical angel magick success stories - let's share! Here's one about Sezah (a Virtue angel)


Hi guys,

Recently I read an interesting forum thread about someone’s angelic magick success. So I thought, why not start a thread where people can share successful magickal stories, be it of others or their own? That way we can learn from each other…

I don’t have my own story (yet), but here’s that interesting story about someone who got very useful guidance from the angel Sezah (from the Virtue choir, which is one of 9 angelic choirs.) The ritual they did is from Ben Woodcroft’s angel magick book:

If you share someone else’s story, please provide a link.

If you share your own story, please state:

  • what ritual was used
  • which book/source the ritual is from
  • what requests were made
  • what results were obtained, and how
  • anything else important that you think should be shared

Cheers!! =)


I’ve recently started using that book and it’s very effective. I’ve used it for defense purposes. A good friend of mine who is also an occultist was suffering from all kinds of psychic attack, very stubborn stuff he could not break with his usual methods. We used three Angels and we/the Angels helped us broke the hexes, very useful powerful info on that book. After that experience I’m reading more books on the 72 Angels.


Thanks for sharing! What are the names of the 3 angels?


We started with the help of Damebel and my friend started to feel better right away, I can’t recall the second one because we’ve done more work with the 72 Angels but the final one was Chaamel, we had to use a combination of three because the hex he had was super intense so we had to break it in parts, the last part involved something demonic and that’s where Chaamel proved to be of great help.

Usually one Angel would be enough but this was something out of the ordinary.

A few days later a girl he dated called him crying and apologized for being such a biatch to him and confessed she was the one that cursed him.


Interesting insights! Is it the case that angels work in the exact same manner as humans? i.e.: if there’s a 1000-pound object, a single human probably can’t lift it alone. But if 5-10 other people are helping, then they’d be able to lift it. Do angels work like that too?

I see that many angels have the same/overlapping abilities, such as the ones you mentioned. What are the differences then? Is one angel stronger than the others? Is it just that they carry out the tasks with different methods, but end up achieving the same results anyway? Just curious… :slight_smile:


I don’t know to be honest, what I’ve learned so far is that the Shem Angels are very specific, an angel may have more than one power, one may have the power to stop psychic attacks and also the power to heal you but if you don’t ask for healing specifically the angel won’t go there.
Damebel will break an evil work of sorcery sent to you but if a demon was also sent to cause damage you need to use another angel specifically to remove it. That’s just my limited experience anyways.
I have to add the 72 Shem Angels are indeed powerful, my friend’s ex used several layers of hexing and cursing (she used Santería and Santa Muerte for the most part) and the Angels took care of it like it was nothing, amazing.


Can you tell how you evoke Shem angels?


With Ben’s book, you stare at the angel’s sigil and invoke them using a ritual call, you make your request, close the ritual and that’s it, with Damon Brand’s book it’s a bit more involved, with a Shem talisman, the angel’s sigil and different calls.


How do you detect an angel’s presence? Do you see flashes of light? Do you hear sound? Or…?

If an angel speaks telepathically, how do we separate their message from our own thoughts?


It’s hard to explain, but you will know, it starts with a subtle feeling that grows stronger and then you just feel great, energized. No flashes yet.


It’s said that the 72 shem angels are in fact demons too. How risky is it then, to work with them?

There’s been reports too about people who request for moneyto those angels, and ended up getting into a car accident and received settlement money from their insurance company. How would you prevent that? Is it possible to ask the angels to grant humans’ wishes in a safe manner that doesn’t endanger anyone?


You can have a monkey paw effect even with psalm magic if you’re not careful how you formulate the desired result, I don’t have a lot of experience with the Shem Angels but the ones we’ve asked for help didn’t feel like demons at all.
Obviously I wouldn’t call them for trivial things, in this case it was to break a really nasty hex that my friend could not break for months (and he’s no slouch).


I worked with them quite a bit. Their energy is completely different from demonic energy. Very uplifting, joyous beings. That’s not to say, for example, certain spirits of the Goetia aren’t uplifting. They can be. But their energy is very different ime.