Powers that walk with us

How do we actually realize what entities are at our side in life ? I remember someone( Euoi,if I’m not wrong) posting in my previous post that all of us are Born with these powers

I had the fortune that friendly spirits showed up in dreams and I took it from there. The other lucky thing is that they were all related to the Goetia so it was not difficult in finding out who was who.

I suggest that you perform any sorcery that would allow you for better dreams, and ask the entitites to manifest in them. The other solutions are oui-ja boards and pendulum divination, but oui-ja should not be taken lightly and all of that…

I’d start from there. Koetting mentions in one of his books (can’t remember which one) that he made an “empty” evocation. No names or sigils, just adressing the spirit that was bothering him at some moment to manifest and reveal his name.

Turns out it was Azazel. Turns out that even that might one could not communicate appropriately with his disciple if the man himself did not focus on the spirit’s presence.

Just my two cents man.

IF it was me, I was probably talking about exus. And not everyone should work with them.

Agrees Euoi, not everyone is called to walk with Exus in this life, or even ay with certain systems for that matter. Theres alot of people online interested in ATRs without really understanding what they entail. I didnt initially, but I was called anyway. Ive seen people fuck themselves up working with Annie Christmas or Pomba Gira.

As far as what spirits are on your side…in my case its been the ones who answer me the fastest and most dramatically. They seem as if they were waiting for me to call…but not everything that reaches to you is there to help you. Like my instructor in Ifa told me, “if your senses are open, youre like a spiritual drive-thru. Every damn body go’n be callin yo ass” lol

Well IME the best way to find out are ask the spirits themselves.
I’ve felt drawn towards Belial since I was 15 and first saw his name.

Belial said he’s been with me through more than 1 lifetime which is why I’ve always felt drawn to him even before I really knew what majick was.

Search through grimoires and books of demonic names and you’ll most likely feel a pull to at least one of them.

For me it was Belial and Abaddon but I don’t think I’m ready for the keeper of the keys to the pit yet.

And really when working with intense spirits such as the 2 I just mention nothing can prepare you for it.
Sometimes you gotta jump in blind to see the light.

Interesting note MustaKrackish…some spirits do indeed walk with us through incarnations.