Powerful spells to bring back a ex?

Any of you guys know any powerful spells to bring back a ex? Ive used spell casters but i havent had results this was about 4 weeks ago i want something reall powerful and simple or even better if someone can point me in the right direction of a powerful spell caster thanks guys.

Ask @C.Kendall he is good in magic. Inbox him and he will get back to you when he is free.

Ho do i pm on here lol

Use the search function.

We was together for 2 years i have alot of her stuff here from underwear to trainers i understand that i am a newb and i dont think i got the whole intention thing under wraps. I was thinking if there was a spell that was very powerful but more practical for a newb in the sense that it would work regardless of my minds interaction

@C.Kendall pm me please

Have you done anywork with @C.Kendall

No, i am still unable to afford him. If you have no money issues than you may go for the authors of this forum. Go to Menu > Ritual for hire.

Why is she an ex? Usually there is a reason for a break up. Many things can be resolved without using magic.

Silly argument that blew out of porportion friends etc make things worse plus she is a bit thickle i have tried talking but she is completetly ignoring me.