Powerful Sigil for self empowerment via planets, elements and the zodiac

After a lot of effort, I finally created this sigil for self empowerment. I made the sigil itself with AI, then charged and empowered it massively myself.

This works with all of the elements, all of the planets (in our solar system) and all of the zodiac signs, directly attuning you to and drawing from their energies. This directly draws energies from the planets, elements, and zodiacs without the need to work through a spirit.

This also has Baphomet energies for the sake of balancing everything out (as baphomet represents equal balance). If you don’t want to use these, set the intention when working with it.

This can also be used for RHP practicioners, but the end goal is control over these elements and energies to use as you wish.

You can use this before any rituals to empower them massively, or just use this solo to massively empower your own being.
This should skyrocket your pathworking.

I personally am using this to attune myself to planetary energies and invite more of certain ones in my life, to “shapeshift” my zodiac and to manipulate astrological transits.

Let me know if you all like this and I’ll post more.


Holy shit, this is pretty good.

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Is this or the other one u send me better?

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Both good

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I’ve put this Talisman on my PC desktop to access its effects on me and my enviroment as I’m on the computer alot through the week

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Can you give me examples of where it can be used or applied.

Hey nice sigil, truly a noice one. Man truly a brilliant plan to engage yourself in this sigil for a while, but did you plan to set it and forget it after you’ve looked at it on the screen for awhile or were you just gonna access it this way from here on out? Just a curiosity I’m havin

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I’ve had the talisman on the desktop now for a couple of weeks and all I do is simply look at it, but usually without any conscious thought as to what I’m looking at. I’m usually pre-engaged doing other things on the PC so I just let its effects wash over me.

It’s starting to affect the way I do magic. For the first time in my life I’ve been slowly getting involved in spoken spells and incantations alot more. I even did a visualisation to silence noisy children outside my house last Saturday. I imagined a big upside down glass bowl going up the path towards them and as it went other the top of them it sank down and covered them. Within minutes they got quieter and then went away. It is changing my magical output so I’ll see what these new incantations bring, maybe it will do its job and empower me more?


I hope so my friend and may the odds be ever in our favor.

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Here is a wallpaper I made up:

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Friend, do you mind my gazing into its depths for just a few moments?

I want to manipulate my Venus placement. It is the worst lmao. How can I do that?

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First think of the new venus placement you want and then invoke that element using this sigil, as well as the old element of your existing venus placement, then ask for it to be changed.

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