Powerful mantra to stop some aspects of memories of abuse

Inspired by the thread about a powerful mantra to stop black magic, I would like to ask, if there is a powerful mantra, I can use to stop some aspects of memories of sexual abuse, I have? I find the physical aspects where my body feels out of control, and I am gagging, and sometimes ending it with throwing up, to be particularly hard.

There are many healing mantras that might be useful for that. I’m not sure what kind you prefer but Mantra and Primal Sound by David Frawley goes very in depth into the Sanskrit mantras of the yogic traditions.

There are also the 6 Healing Sounds of Taoism, which are very similar to the Bija mantras of Hinduism, and are said to help release negative and traumatic emotions.


Thank you very much.

You are very welcome. Here is an article on how repressed emotions affect the organs in TCM and how the 6 Healing sounds can help.


i hope they help.


It is like a cycle that needs to be stopped before it really begins. I really think this will help. Very appreciated.

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No problem, man. Glad I could help.

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Have you ever kept a journal? What really helped me was writing it all down and getting out… getting that poison out of me…

If you don’t want to keep the journal or your afraid of some one reading it.you can always burn it when your done.

But it really helped me more than anything to just get it all out…

Also doing meditations and working with my chakras seemed to help me really overcome alot of bad things and feelings I had.


I have kept kind of a journal, I would say, by writing poems about it. As you write, it is good to get it all out. I am going into therapy soon, so that is good to know. And just before I felt another of these physical waves coming, but I managed to stop it with the help of the suggestions in this thread. :green_heart:


Awesome news and the therapy will help :slight_smile:

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Yes it will. Thank you.

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