Powerful Magicians! Are you one?

So walk me through this…If you have alot of success casting spells on people… Say Im casting a spell on a person…
Walk me through your mood, mindset, thoughts, intentions, feelings. Step by step… Like your instructing someone and their life depends on it… I want to know inside and out the mind of a successful magician?

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I’ll bite first since nobody else has yet. I’ll preface it with saying I consider myself Adept. Powerful is quite relative in this art, especially when viewed at the extreme ends.

A complete beginner manifesting some noticeable flirting from several women while at work the day after their first sigil might floor them where a full on ascended master who commands reality as a god would feel like a complete failure if that’s all that happened.

I’ll put myself as “somewhere in the middle section” of the spectrum. I do ritual work for hire and do my workings in confidence knowing my clients will more often than not get what they hired me for. I’m watching my business career expand every day, and I’ve walked the path from invisible to being regularly accused of despicible womanizing by my friend’s judgemental wives who don’t understand the basis of multiple open relationships.

Wealth and Love magick are the two trickiest ones to work with and I’m getting results the vast majority of the time there now. Do I astral project in vivid 4K? Read Tarot and Runes without even looking at the spread with frightening accuracy? Do I even see spirits when they show up? Nope. I’m yet to actually. I get damn good results though so that’s what I’d base this reply on.

Some would hear about the latter 3 and scoff going “hah …noob” …but then again I’m in this to shape my life, not debate with people about what Kether really looks like.

I’m hoping we get a real badass on here who can do the fringe stuff like open doors to their house automatically, levitate, and aparate with their soul body to wherever they like but in case that doesn’t happen I hope this will suffice.

My general mindset is one of “Does this desire match my painting?” I have an allegory for my results I use where my life is sort of a panoramic moving picture with different aspects within it. I have my Core 4 areas which are Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Magick itself (I call it spirituality in public settings.)

I have a visualization exercise where I like to imagine my perfect day. Where am I? Who am I waking up next to? What do I do with my morning? How did I pay for lunch? What do I do to generate income? Who do I hang with in the evenings? Who do I go to bed with? Etc.

It’s a moving target and there can be several of these for my perfect week if there are different ones. I live an abundant life and there are more than a few answers to each. It’s great. It has to match this though. This painting if you will is the true will

On top of the true will we have masked desires. Social programming, obselete biological wiring, lies we’ve been told and taught, sold and bought, and any number of things that may or may not be what you want. What I do is I check to see if any desire I have is mine or if it came from elsewhere. I regularly do inner work to ensure that I’m striving to get what I want.

Years ago I thought I wanted to finish an IronMan triathlon. What I really wanted was to prove to myself I could do athletic things and lose some weight. No part of me wanted anything to do with hundreds of miles on a bike, running 5-10k a day, and miles of swimming every week. I discovered kettlebells and powerlifting and the rest took care of itself. I soon manifested something in the opposite direction of what I thought I wanted and it rocked.

Archangel magick is amazing for uncovering your actual painting. Asmodai is also fantastic for this. Make sure you really want it because inn dissonance will repel results.

From here I look at my array of books with various spirits and use my intuition to assess what I want. Do I want a long term repeating result? I’ll make a servitor. Do I want long term growth in something I don’t have? I’ll make a pact with a demon. Do I want a quick one off result that changes one part of my life? Perfect demon opportunity. Do I need to change several aspects at once and reshape an entire situation? Definitely a Shemhamphorash Angel working. Something else that doesn’t quite fit? Maybe a chaos sigil or an Archangel Ladder Rite would do. Is it me that needs to change? Maybe I’ll Invoke an entity!

The possibilities are truly endless because magick is unlimited. Everything is permitted. I’d say get some options and “Go Shopping” by looking through your books and see how each power of each entity matches up to your situation. Use your inner knowing to see if it fits or not.

From there I craft a ritual. I like following the recipe in the book the vast majority of the time, especially if the author has split tested their work with an order over decades and provides feedback why. The people who omit the Shem angels from Gordon Winterfield’s work are fucking themselves in the ass with a curling iron in the name of …well whatever dumbassed idea they decided to run on. I follow the recipe, taste it, and then modify it later to suit my needs. If a method isn’t working, make sure you double check to see if you’re actually following the method. It sounds obvious but it will go a long way just following instructions.

After a while you’ll develop your own style and find some things work better for you than a stock way that is tried and tested. Belial gave me the go ahead to command in his name. I felt an energetic mantle being placed on my shoulders and I’ve seen astounding results commanding spirits in his name. It works for me.

What you will find is a vein of principles runs through all magick. What you expect to happen comes true, authority and respect are the two universal currencies, have both and you shall recieve all, have neither and good luck. Spirits respond when you speak to them as if you have the right to talk to them, just like anything you’ve met with a limbic system. If your dog is being an asshole and you bitch out and say “uh… sparky? that’s not very nice! no sparky! hey!” Sparky is going to shit on your bathrobe and laugh at you when you get mad.

If you pin that little douchebag down, look him dead in the eye and let him know his place, letting him know that you will be respected, he’s going to fucking love it when you’re cool with him when he has a chance to be cool with you. It’s a two way street and it’s the entire basis of sexuality as well. Respect and attraction go hand in hand. Know women, know demons. It’s crazy how similar they are in that regard. Domineer at all and it becomes a fun challenge for them to fuck with you. Walk the balance and use one to learn the other because it is exactly the same set of rules somehow.

Command respect, don’t demand respect.

From here I launch into a ritual knowing all of the above and I paint using emotion. I see the various spirits as different programming subroutines within the simulation we all live in. (Pretend we’re in the matrix if it helps the allegory. The weird Mr. Smith dudes are like demons only they’re able to help us through mutual interest. Angels are more like local system administrators who govern various aspects of your life and can swap out huge chunks of data. Your relationship and everything to do with it, your career and everything to do with it, etc. Different “programs” for different utilities.)

Angels are very in touch with the emotional aspect of how things fit together and Demons are very particular about the exact code used (languaging). An angelic result might not bring you exactly what you asked for yet it will feel exactly the same or better. A demonic result might be a moment of “wanting is better than having” where you get what you ask for exactly yet it doesn’t match up somehow, this is how buyers remorse happens. It’s not always this way, though it can happen.

An example I use is “I easily find my sunglasses.” as a request. You frantically search to no avail and then after you’re 30 minutes late you give up and instinctively look somewhere on a whim and there they are, you easily find your sunglasses… They’re exact and it helps to know this.

If you use both you get exactly what you want and it’s bitchin. This is why I paint in broad strokes and pencil in the lines.

I use emotional transmutation in every ritual I do because it brings that element of loving each result when it shows up. One easy way to do this is to make a sigil (search for how, I’ve written a guide on it on here) and gaze at it feeling your problem, then I look at the ring around the problem and make the magickal decision to change it once and for all with my will, then I transmute the feeling to how I want to feel, I imagine getting what I want, and then I step past it and imagine a time maybe 6 months in the future where I’d look back and remember with graditude that the situation resolved itself so well.

3 anchor points of emotion, all sent into one sigil that represents my desire. It’s extremely simple but it works very very well for me. All my rituals have this component in some fashion or another.

After each ritual you should be left with a sensation of “So it is done. It’s happening!” so long as you keep this and don’t drift towards feelings of “but what if it doesn’t work?” then it will work. Try to forget about it and let it go. Good things are on the way.

If I can accidentally get a 2nd motorcycle that is exactly the same model, year, color, and miles to manifest for free through a basic chaos sigil I forgot I fired, what do you think is possible with high ceremony ritual magick with demonic kings and archangels? There is no limit except what we put on ourselves.

Feel free to ask about any part that doesn’t make sense, this is a rabbit hole I’m endlessly fascinated with


That’s very vague as each spell and spell caster is going to have a different approach, each process works for them based on their experiences, beliefs and spiritual trainings. It would be just the same as asking for someone to teach you to remove your own brain tumor, step by step.

You might want to ask a more specific question to get the answers you seek, and I am curious what it is that your life depends on. You seeking something for protection or just to get laid?

Nobody’s gonna tell you they’re a bad motherfucker. That’s like sacrilegious.