Powerful Love Ritual

I love trying new rituals.No problem.

I am also Aries, very impatient! I did it on New Year’s Eve

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so you can understand me☺I can only wait one more week.Then I will try new method.I did it last week.

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All right.

My lover & I have been broken up for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. It’s been 5 days since the spell
He just called me over a couple hours ago . We literally talked for almost 2 hours . & poured our hearts out to eachother .

  1. Do not obsess over this
  2. Litterally do anything such as taking up extra work, or even talk to someone else you’re not very interested in . To get your mind off of it & onto something else .
  3. Dont be desperate . Dont have hope
    hope = doubts … command . Manifest . know it’s coming. & let it go .
    THEN your lover will come .

how abt meditate, scry on flame , or even send love messages talking to a picture?

I had done this before the spell . However after the spell I felt that I was stunting it . I was overthinking it & I felt for quickest results I needed to really accept that we were DONE . even tho i knew i just performed this powerful love spell . And what do you know. 5 days later he calls me . And wants me back


so u cant use manifestation techniques with love magick?

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Oh u definitely can ! However with this specific spell that’s posted at the top . Once completed you need to just forget about the person and the spell you did

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It worked.Thank you.I got what I wanted.


Wow! Can you eloborate?

He wrote me last night.We are going to meet this Friday.I haven’t seen him for a year and half.After this spell he suddenly wrote.Miracles happen.with spells☺I just wanted to try and it worked.


Miracles happen? You mean, magick happens :joy:



Yess.magick happens

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That’s really great to read success stories with this ritual :slight_smile:

I did it almost 3 months ago and got no results but I might try it again :thinking:


venus hour is important


Happy for you!

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I think you might be in a lot more power to do it now, but make sure you want to keep her forever because this spell can be really dangerous to the targets mental Heath. If she comes back there could be a real chance of this insane jealousy that could be really hard to work through. There is always this obsession that is super confusing too. So definitely don’t leave her (Conner has mentioned he has know of suicide happening.) I think you deserve this love just take good care of her :two_hearts: